A QUESTION OF TURST Summary_Of The Lesson-4 Question Answer


Q-1 What dose Horace Danby like to collect ?

Ans horace Dandy likes to collect books. He loves rare, expensive books.

Q-2 Why dose he steal every year ?

Ans He steals every year a safe. This he dose so that it may last for tewlve months.

Q-3 Who is speaking to horace Danby ?

Ans It is the voice of the lady in the house. horace thinks that is the mistress of the house. But she is a thi ef like him who poses as the landlady.

Q-4 Who is the real culprit in the story ?

Ans The real culprit is the lady thief who poses before Horace danby as the landlady. Dandy has entered the house to steal. But before him that lady thiief is already there.


Horace Danby made locks. He was successful in his businees. He had two helpers. He was good and respectable-but not completely honest. He loves rare expensive books. so he robbed a safe every year. He stole enough to last for tewlve month, and secretly bought the books he loved through an agent.

Walking in the bright july sunshine, he reached the house at shotover Grang to rob a safe. The family was in london and the two servants who lived in the house had gone to the movies. He entered the house from behind the garden. horace had a little tickle of hay-fever in his nose.

He put on a pair of gloves, took the key from the hook outside the kitchen door and opened the door. Sherry , a small dag began to bark. He said, “all right, Sherry.” There was a great bowl of flowers on the table and Horace felt his nose tickle.He sneezed. He buried his face in his handkerchief. Then he heard a voice from the door way, “What is it ? A could or hay-fever ?
” Horace sneezed again. That voice was of a young.

pretty lady. she said that she had come bake just in time, though she didn’t expect to meet a burglar.

Horace wanted to run away. But the lady threatened him that she would call the police. Horace said that he hated prison. He begged her to let him to go . The lady told him if he did something for her , he might go. She said that she forgot the number to open the safe and she needed her jewels for the party that night .

Horace offered to open the safe. He took off his gloves and open the safe within an hour, gave her the jewels and went away happily. On the morning of the third day , he thought of the books he wanted. Now he would have to look for arrested Horace for the jewel robbery at Shotover Grange.

His finger prints were all over the room. No one believed him when he said that the wife of the owner of the hous had asked him to open the safe for her . The wife herself , a gray haired , sharp thngued women of sixty, said, that the story was nonsense.

Horace is now the assistant librarian in the prison. He often think of the charming, clever young lady who was in the same profession as he was, and who tricked him. He gets very angry when anyone talks about ‘honour among thieves’.


Q-1 Though a thief I am not a man who threatens society”. says Horace. What reasons does he give ? Do you agree ? Give a reasoned answer in 100 words .

Ans Horace feels that thought he is a thief , he is a not man who threatens or harms society in any way . He steals only from those who have a lot of money and he steals for a very good reason to buy rare and expensive books that he loves.

I do not agree with Horace’s theroy at all , for there is no justification for stealing no matter what circumstances one may bi in a thief will always remain an anti-social element and a threat to society.

There can be no noble intention for committing a crime like stealing.

Q-2 How did the lady in red prove to be smarter and cleverer than Horace Dandy ?

Ans There is no denying that the lady dressed in red proved to be smarter and cleverer than Horace Dandy.

The lady managed to fool horace easily and achieved her purpose.

She enacted her part as the lady of the house so perfectly the Horace did not even once doubt her dubious intetions. The lady, who was as charming as she was clever and who was also in the same profession as Horace, tricked him very conventily without the last big of doubt.

The only think that the lady in red lacked, according to Dandy , was ‘honour among thieves.’

Q-3 Horace was the thief who planned his work carefully. Describe how he did it before robbing the house of Shotover Grange.?

Ans Introduction : Horace Dandy planned his robbery of Shotover Granage very carefully .

Description : For two weeks he studies the details of the house .He observed the situation of rooms , electric wires, paths and its garden. He then studied the magazine article, detailed plan of the drawing room and the safe hidden a pehind a painting He knew the family was away to London and on the day of the robbery, he also knew the servants had gone to see the movies.

Conclusion: He was also aware of the place where the house keeper hung the keys.

Q-4 How did the young lady deceive a meticulous planner like Horace Dandy ?

Ans Introduction : Horace had hay fever. He sneezed in the garden. A voice came from the doorway , ” What is it ? A Cold or hay fever ? ”

The act of the young lady : She smiled at Horace. She was away for a month , However she came back just in time , thought she hadn’t expected to meet a hungler she asked what he was going to do.

Horace said she had always to run and begged her to let him go, She come over to him and said she had always liked the wrong kind of people. She took a cigarette from a silver box. Horace took of his gloves and gave her his cigarette lighter. Holding the lighter towards her he beggan to let him go. she said if he did something for her. If he opened the safe for her , she would allow him to go . Harace wanted to place the houselady.

Conclusion: Within an hour he opened the safe and went away happily . Thus the young lady deceived the meticulous planner.


Q-1 Why was it not difficult for Horace to open the safe ?

Ans Horace made locks and was very successful in his business. He had two helpers. It was therefore not difficult for Horace to open the safe.

Q-2 Who is the real culprit in the story-the lady or Horace ? Why ?

Ans The lady is the real culprit in the story because she locked what Horace termed as ‘honour among thieves’ She had no hesitation in fooling Horace and using his skills to suit her own selfish motive and getting him caught by the police.

Q-3 Did Horace get the jewels home from the Grange safe ? if not, why did the police arrest him ?

Ans Thought Horace did not get the jewels from the Grange’s safe, the police still arrested him because his finger prints were found all over the place and no one believed his story, which was termed as utter ‘nonsense’.

Q-4 How did the lady dressed in red manage to rob the safe without leaving a single finger prints ?

Ans The lady dressed in red was very smart and clever. She claimed to be the owner of the house. She made Horace break open the safe for her and she got the jewels.


Q-1 Why did Horace need a lot of money ? How did he get it ?


What does Horace Dandy like to collect ?

Ans Horace loved rare and experience books and like to collect them. He secretly bought the books loved through an agent. He robbed a safe every year and stole enough to last for 12 months.

Q-2 Do you think Horace Dandy was unfairly punished or that he desired what he got ?

Ans Horace Dandy was unfairly punished. He opened the safe for the house lady. He therefore removed his gloves and this his why his finger prints were there everywhere.

Q-3 Why were flowers hindering Horace in his work ?

Ans Horace had hay fever. Flowers trickled his nose and made him sneeze. The young lady in red was on the top of the house. She come down on hearing his sneezing.

Q-4 How did Horace manage the small dog when he attempted to rob the house at Grange ?

Ans When Horace entered the house, he saw a small dog lying in the kitchen. It stirred and made a noise. Horace said, “All right, Sherry”. Its name was Sherry. Horace showed him affection. Thus he managed the dog.

Think about it

Q-1 Did you begin to suspect, before the end of the story, that the lady was not the person Horace dandy took her to be ? If so, at what point did you realise this, and how ?

Ans In the beginning when the lady appeared on the scene, I did not suspect her. But when she said “I have always liked the wrong kind of people”, my suspicion roce about her. Then she said that if Horace did ‘something’ for her, she would let him go.

Q-2 What are the subtle ways in which the lady manage to deceive Horace Dandy into thinking she is the lady of the house ? Why doesn’t Horace suspect that something is wrong ?

Ans First the lady speaks with confidence to deceive Horace. She has firmness in her voice. She smiles at him while talking. there is sharpness also in her voice as she continuse talking. She them threatens him with the idea of ‘prison’.

Q-3 “Horace Dandy was good and respecteable-but not completely honest.” Why do you think this descripption is apt for Horace ? Why can’t he be categorised as a typical thief ?

Ans This description fits well on Horace Dandy. Horace enjoys a good reputation as a good, honest citizen. Then he steals only once a year. He also loves reading books. So due to these reasons he can’t be categorised as a typical thief .

Q-4 Horace Dandy was a meticulous planner but still he faltered. Where did he go wrong and why ?

Ans He was rightly a meticulous planner. He planner carefully each year just before stealing. But he faltered. He didn’t see into the lady’s sweet, clever and crafty talks. It may be had been in the house as a thief

Talks about it

Q-1 Do you think Horace Dandy was unfairly punished, or that he deserved what he got ?

Ans I think Horace Dandy was unfairly punished in that theft. He was a thief, no doubt. But he was not a full-fledged thief in the sense that he got against it. In the eyes of the law he was a thief. So he was punished.

Q-2 Do intentions justify actions ? Would you, like Horace Dandy, do something wrong if you thought your ends justified the means ? Do you think that there are situations in which it is excusable to act less than honestly ?

Ans It is not correct to say that intentions justify actions. In the care of Horace Danby his intentions were to get set free. If the lady of the house had been not justify his actions. He was a safe bird. His intentions to open the safe did took him to jail without anything justifying that.

I,like horace danby, would not do anything wrong if I thought my ends justified the means. in fact we must see that wrong is wrong . Then we must analyse our actions and Their results.

It is also a fact that there are situations in life in Which it is excusable to act less than honesty. such shares when man gets involved without any fault.

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