A TIGER IN THE ZOO Poem-3 || Summary || Question Answer

There is a tiger in the zoo. Livery are visible on his body. In the cage he walks in quiet rage over the pads of quiet velvet.

     When the tiger is in his natural habitat, he lurks in shadow. He slips through the long grass near the water source where he can catch the healthy deer.

       While moving around the houses at the corner of the jungle, he tries to terrorise the village with his bare teeth and claws. If he is put behind the bars in a concrete cell, he moves in rage there. He dose not care for the visitors.

        At night he hears the patrolling care and stares at the brilliant stars.


Q-1 Who dose ‘He’ stand for in the first line ?

Ans ‘He’ in the first line is the tiger.

Q-2 Where and how is he walking ?

Ans He walks in cage slowly and quietly.

Q-3 In which mood is he ? Why?

Ans He is angry because insidead of moving freely in the forest, he is confined to a small cage.

Q-4 Who is in his quiet rage ?

Ans A tiger is in his quiet rage.

Q-5 Where is the tiger hiding ?

Ans He is hinding in a shadowy dark place in the long grass.

Q-6 Why is he sliding through the grass ?

Ans Because he dose not want to make any sound that would caution his pray.

Q-7 Who is going to be his prey ?

Ans A fat deer who will come that way to drink water is going to be his prey.

Q-8 Where it is at present ?

Ans It is at present in the jungle’s edge and the houses.

Q-9 Which animals is mentioned above ?

Ans This is the tiger.

Q-10 How it is terrorising the village ?

Ans It is terrorising through its bare teeth and claws.


Q-1 What is the theme of the poem ?

Ans The poet wants to convery that it is cruel to keep the wild animals in small cell of the zoo, away from their natural habitat. They feel angry, helpless and unhappy and remember their life and environment in the forest.

Q-2 Why do you think the tiger was stalking in the cage ? What does it show ?

Ans I think the tiger was feeling restless and uneasy in that small cage. He seems to be frustrated and helpless as he could not come out of the cage in the open and enjoy his freedom. He did not want to be a mere showpiece and a source of entertainment for the human begings.

Q-3 What does the tiger remember while stalking in his cage ? What does it show ?

Ans He remembers his life and environment in the forest when he was free to move around. How he used to hide in the long grass near a water hols, slide in the grass and pounce upon on a plump deer who passed that way.

Q-4 The tiger could terrorise the villagers when he was in the forest then why could he not terrorise the visitors at the zoo ?

Ans In the forest he was free to move wherever he liked. He could attack and kill an animal or a man if he was hungry and got a chance, but in the zoo he was behind the bars. His momvent was restrcted in the cage. He could not attack the visitors who felt safe outside the cage.

Q-5 compare and contrast the environment of the tiger in the zoo and his environment is the forest ?

Ans In the zoo the tiger was put in a cemented cell, behind the bars. He could not move beyound the cage. In the forest he was free to move wherever he liked, enjoy killing his own prey, the greenery and natural beauty around him. At night he could hear the sounds of other animals and not the sound of patrolling care of the zoo guards.

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