Tricky was a small pet dog of Mrs pumphrey. She was a rich lady . She overfed him. He fell seriously ill. One day the veterinary surgeon saw her with Tricki. Tricky had become hugely fat. His eyes were bloodshot and rheumy. His tongue lolled from his jaws. He refused to eat his favourite dish.

The vet enquired if she had cut downthe sweet things from his diet and if she was giving him plenty of expressed her willingness to abide by his advice. The vet went away on his way.

Within a few days Mrs pumphrey reporeted the pitiable condition of tricki to the vet. He suggested that Tricki be hospitalised for a fortnight to be kept under observation. The vet brought Tricky to his surgery. the servants of mrs pumphrey brought his day bed, his night bed, toys and rubber rings, and his three bowls and his little coats in his car.

The vet did not have medicinal treatment. But he kept the little dog in the company of the other dogs. tricky ran about with the dogs and did many exercises as they did. he recovered within a fortnight.

Mrs pumphrey rang the vet a dozen times a day for the latest bulletins. He informed her that tricky was convalescing . At this she began to send two dozen fresh eggs, bottles of wine and brandy every day. the vet and his partners had good days. It was a trmptaion to keep tricky on as a permanent guest. But the vet phoned mrs pumpherey and told her that the little dog had recovered and she might collect him.

Whithin minutes Mrs pumphery arrived at the surgery in her car. the vet brought Tricky from among the mass of other dogs. when he saw his mistress, Tricky took of from the vet’s arms in a big leap and sailed into mrs pumphrey’s lap. the little dog swarmed over her, licking her face and barking.

As the car moved away, Mrs pumpherey cried, “OH, Mr herriot, how can I even thank you ? this is a triumph of surgery !”


Q-1 why is Mrs pumpherey worried about tricki ?

Ans Mrs pumpherey is worried about Tricki, because it has become hugely fat it looks like a bloated sausage. its eyes are blood red. Its tongue lolls down its jaws.

Q-2 What does she do to help him ? Is she wise in this ?

Ans She at once calls Mr herriot to tricki. Mr herriot is a veterinary doctor she is wise in this because no one can know about animals except the veterinary doctor.

Q-3 what does ‘I’ refer to in this story ?

Ans ‘I’ in this story is james herriot, the veterinary doctor.

Q-4 Is the narrator as rich as tricki’s mistress ?

Ans no, the narrator is not rich as Tricki’s mistress.

Q-5 How does he treat the dog ?

Ans He takes the dog tricki to his clinic. there he does not give much food to it. he cuts its food and keeps it on a strict diet. he keeps it under observation. at the end of the second day tricki start showing some interest in the surroundings. on the third day it whimpers.

Q-6 Way is he tempted to keep tricki on as a permanent guest ?

Ans He is tempted to keep tricki on as a permanent guest because that way they would get eggs, wine etc. this is supplied by mrs pumphrey not or them but for tricki. Mr Herriot does not give these to tricki.

Q-7 Way does Mrs Pumphrey think the dog’s recovery is “a triumph of surgery” ?

Ans She thinks so because it is the surgery, that is, hospital that had made tricki all right. its stay at the surgery has cured him of its illness.


Q-1 What was Mr Pumphrey’s reaction when Tricki showed little enthusiasm for exertion ?

Ans When Tricki showed littele enthusiasm for exertion Mrs Pumphrey assumeed he had no energy. and thought he was suffering from malnutrition . She decided to give him same little extras between meals to build him up .

Q-2 What did Mrs pumphrey do to bring Tricki back to normal health ? Was she wise ?

Ans To bring Tricki back to normal health Mrs Pumphrey gave him some little extra eatables between meals to build him up , some malt and cod liver oil and a bowl of horlicks at night. She was unsuccessful in her attempt.

Q-3 Why did Mrs Pumphrey make a frantic call to Mr Herriot ?

Ans Mr. Pumphrey made a frantic call to Mr Herriot because Tricki ate nothing , refused his favourite dishes , He had boths of vomiting and he was lying all time on a rug panting .

Q- 4 How do you know that Tricki had an affluent life ?

Ans Tricki lad an afflunet life . It included extra meals of horlics cream cakes, chocolate etc. His night bed , cushions, toys, bowls and coats were very expensive.

Q-5 Why was Tricki an uninteresting object for other dogs at the surgery ?

Ans At the suggest , when Tricki was put down , he lay motionless on the carpet. the other dogs sniffed round him for a few secound . them they decided he was an uninteresting object and went away .


Q.1 Mr Herriot, a veterinary surgeon is tactful as well as full of common sense. do you agree / justify your answer giving instances from the story you have read.

Ans Introduction : Mr Herriot is a veterinary surgeon. he has a lot of tact and common sense.

Tactful : He understands that tricki’ only ailment is being over-pampered by his rich mistress.he also knows that tricki has to be kept away from Mrs pumphrey if tricki is to become healthy again. so very tactfully Mr herriot gets him out of Mr pumphrey’s core to keep him away from her over-pampering.

Q-2 What advice did the doctor give to Mrs Pumphrey ? Why did she not follow it ? What excuse did she make ?


What was Mr Herriot’s strict advice ? Did Mrs Pumphrey heed his advice ? What excuses did she make ?

Ans One day the doctor came across Mrs Pumphrey with her pet dog , Tricki in a street . She told the doctor that tricki was very listless and he seemed to have no enargy . He told her that she should control tricki’s diet. she should cut down on the sweet things . He had to be given plenty of exercise. She should harden her hart and keep tricki on a very strict diet.

But Mrs Pumphrey found it rather difficult to follow the doctor’s advice She assumed Tricki was suffering from malnutrition so she gave him littel extra between meal. She told the doctor that tricki could not exercies as the gardener was unwell, so there could be no ring-throwing lately.

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