ANIMALS || Summary Of The Poem-7 || Questions And Answers


The poet desire to live among the animals because they are serene and self contained. They are to wise bewil over there condiotion. They do not weep for there since and do there duty towards god.

The animals are always satisfiede. They do not posses the mania of possasing thinks.They do not show respect for the thousand old ansetros. They are equal in sorrow and hapiness.

The poet has a deep desire to learn from the animals, Seance they show there deep concern with them. They give him respect in the shape of a token and show their plain feelings. They do not have any kinds of falsehood. The poet is much surprised at there quality. He went to earn then though he had dropped them carelessly.


Q-1- What do the animal not do for their sins ?

Ans- The animals did not weep for there sins.

Q-2- What do men do for there sins ?

Ans- Men lie awake in the dark and weep for there sins.

Q-3- Who has composed this poem ?

Ans- The poet walt whitemen has compared this poem.

Q-4- What do the animals bring to the poet ?

Ans- The animals bring the qualities of human being to the poet.

Q-5- Why does the poet wonder ?

Ans- The poet wonders where the animals got them.

Q-6- What does the poet gusses ?

Ans- The poet gusses that he might have dropped those tokens carelessly when he passed there by long long ago.


Q-1- Why does the poet feel more at home with the animals then humans ?

Ans- The poet feels more at home with animals than human being because animals are complet in all respects. They are serane and calm. They do not murmur over there lot. They are satisfied with what they have.

Q-2- “They do not sweet and wine about there condition.”

Who are they / What are the things they don’t do ?

Ans- ‘They refer to animals. They don’t complain in a fabble way about there condition.

Q-3- Mention three three things that humans do and animals don’t ?

Ans- The following three things are done by the human beings but not by the animals :

(1) We always murmur at our sad condition but not the animals.

(2) We weep for our since but the animals do not weep

(3) We feel disturbed for doing our duties towards god but the animals do not.

Q-4- Do humans kneel to other humans who lived thousand of years ago ? Discuss this in groups ?

Ans- Yes humans kneel to others human who lived thousand of years ago. They worship their ancestors and cringe and curry favour from persons who have higher positions and greater influnce. They always harp on the fact they that have a duty towards the creator to the universe.

Q-5- Notice the use of the word ‘turn’ in the first line, “I think I could turn and live with animals……”. What is the poet turning from. ?

Ans- The poet , walt white man has got a clear standing of this universe. He has understood the animals are contained in all respect and are fully satisfied with there lot but we human beings are completly dessatisfide from our own selves. He has attained a moral lesson from the lesson so he want to turn from this metereal world of selfishness.


Q-1- What are the tokenes that the poet says he may have dropped long ago and which the animals have kept for him ? Discuess this in class ( Hint : whitemen belongs to the romentic tradition that includes rouseeue and wordworth, Which holds that cilivization has made humans false to there own true nature. What could be the basic aspects of our nature as living beings that human choose to ignore or deny ?)

Ans- In this poem the poet has hinted towards sertin tokens that we have dropped them long ago. These are token of love, Fellow feelings syampathy, respect , coopertain , friendship and honouring the old age.Indian tradition duly enuciated by indian saints. In this regard we have turned selfish greedy truibled cruel and are ready to eliminate our other human beings completly. A feeling of ill will haterd despite crutly bloodshed and indeffrence is irretating our pure blood but the animals far from these vices of evil disisions. They are not unhappy over there possision and fate. they are self satisfide and compleate in all respect. So we must learn these values from the animals.

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