Bholi class-10th Summary of the lesson-9 Question Answer-:

Q-1 Why is bholi’s father worried about her ?

Ans. Ramlal was worried about bholi because she had neither good looks nor intelligence. All the children except bholi were healthy and Storng. His daughters were good looking. healthy girls. It was not difficult to find bridegrooms for them.

Q-2 For what unusual reason is Bholi sent to school ?

Ans. The Tehsildar came to ramlal’s village to perform the opening ceremony of a primary school for girls. he told Ramlal that as a government representative in the village he must set an example to the villagers and send his daughters to school.

Q-3 Does Bholi enjoy her first day at school ?

Ans. Bholi enjoyed her first day in school. She was glad to find so many girls of her own age present there. She hoped that one of these girls might become her friend. the pictures on the wall made her happy on this very day.

Q-4 Does she find her teacher different from the people at home ?

Ans. All the family members at home despised and ignored Bholi. But her teacher spoke with bholi in a soothing and affectionate voice. She encouraged her lovingly. Thus Bholi found her teacher different from the people at home.

Q-5 Why do Bholi’s parents accept Bishamber’s marriage proposal ?

Ans. Bholi parents accepts accept Bishamber’s marriage proposal because he was a well-to-do bridegroom. He owned a big shop, a house of his own and had a good amount of money in the blank.Moreover,he was not demanding any dowry.

Q-6 Why does the marriage not take place ?

Ans. bishamber was an old widower. He was about fifty. He wanted a dowry of Rs. 5,000 for marrying bholi who had pock marks on her face. So bholi looked at him with cold contempt and refused to get married to him.