Read and find out – 1 BHOLI

Q-1- Why is bholi’s father worried about her ?

Ans- Ramlal was worried about bholi because she had neighter good looks nor intelligence. All the childern except bholi were healthy and strong. His daughters were good looking, Healthy girls. It was not difficult to find bridegrooms for them.

Q-2- For what unusal reason is bholi sent to school ?

Ans- The thesildar came to Ramlal village to perform the opening ceremony of a primary school for girls. He told ramlal that as a government representative in the village he must set an example to the villager and send his daughters to school.

Read and find out – 2

Q-1- Does bholi enjoy her first day at school ?

Ans- Bholi enjoyed her first day in school. She was glad to find so many girls of her own age present there. She hoped that one of these girls might become her friend. The coulars of the pitures on the wall made her happy on this very day.

Q-2- Does she find her teacher diffrent from the people at home ?

Ans- All the family members at home dispised and ignored bholi. But her teacher spoke with bholi in a soothing and affectionate voice. She encouraged her lovingly. Thus bholi found her teacher diffrent from the people at home.

Read and find out – 3

Q-1- Why do bholi’s perent6s accept bishamber’s marrige peoposel ?

Ans- Bholi’s parents accepted bishember’s marriage proposal because he was a well-to-do bridegroom. He owend a big shop, a house of his own and had a good amount of money in the bank. Moreover, he was not demanding any dowry.

Q-2- Why does the marriage not take place ?

Ans– Bishamber was an old widowr. He was about fifty. He wanted a dowry of Rs. 5,000 for marrying bholi who had pock-marks on her face. So bholi looked at him with cold contept and refused to get married to him.


From her very childhood bholi was a little slow. She had smallpox marks on her face and she stammered. She was the seventh and the youngest child of Numberdar Ramlal. When bholi was seven years old, a primary school was opened in their village. Bholi was send to school. Her teacher took special interest in Bholi. She could speak without least stammer. Bholi took intewest in her study. The years passed. The village became a small town. The little primary school became a high school. Other developments took place in the village.

One night, after dinner, Ramlal asked his wife if he should accept Bishamber’s proposal for marriage with Bholi Bishamber was a rich grocer who lived in other village. But he was as old as ramlal and he linked . She stressed that he should definitely accept the proposal. Bishamber nath came with a big marriage party with pomp and show. ramlal was overjoyed to see such pomp and splendour.

When the auspicions moment came the priest said, ” Bring in bride ” . Bholi did in red silken bridal dress, was led to the bride’s place near the sacred fire. When the bridegroom was about to garland the bride a women slipped back the silkenveil from the brid’s face.

Bishamber took a quick glance. He saw the smallpox mark on the face of the bride. He said if he was to merry her , her father must given him five thousand rupees. Ramlal gave him the money for his honour.

Then bishamber was agin to garland to bride. The bride unveiled her face and her hand struck out like a streak of lightning and the garland was flung into to sacred fire.

She asked her father in a clear loud voice, “Pitaji, Take back your money. I will not merry this man who is mean, greddy and conteptible.’ The orthodox people reacted in their usual manner, Saying that bholi was shawless, though. they thoght her like a dump driven con.

Bishamber nath started to go back with his party. Ramlal was thunderdtruck. Every one had left the place. Ramlal turned to bholi and said ” But what about you , no one will ever marry you know ? What shall we do with you ?

Bholi said in clam and stedy voice, “Don’t worry , Pitaji ! in your old age , I will serve you and mother i will tech in the same school where I learned so much.”


Q.1. Bholi was known to be a ‘dump cow’. How did she turn out to be and outspoken and fearless girl ?

Ans. Bholi was indeed a ‘ Dump cow ‘. Every one had nicknamed her bholi, The simpleton. When she started going to school, Her teacher encouraged her and showed her affection. She got a new hope and a new life. She became and intelligent , sharp and fearless girl . She knew her mind. She could not be duped.

Q-2 What kind of tramtment is given to Bholi by her parents ? Is it justified ?

Ans Ramlal had seven children . Bholi was the youngest of all .

Ramlal’s all children except Bholi were healthy and beautiful. Ramlal and his wife were never in favour of sending Bholi to school. But however they send her to school. Since she had little chance of getting married with her ugly face and luck of sence, It would better to let the teacher at school worry about her, they though so. They had never got new clothes made for Bholi. The old dresses of her sisters were passed on to her. No one cared to made or wash her clothees. For her parents Bholi was a burden for whom they never bothered to even care. She was a neglected child.

The treatment give to Bholi was shameful for her parents. It was not parents like. It was rather inhuman.

Q-3 What social attiudes are presented in the story ‘Bholi’ ? How does Bholi’s teacher help her overcome these barriers ? or What role did Bholi’s teacher play in changign her life ?

Ans Introduction : The story ‘Bholi’ presents cretain attitudes which are still prevalent in the village of India.

A neglected child : Girls eudcation is not given priority and they are brought up only with the aim that they should marry as soon as it is possible. Bholi was a neglected child because her parents felt she had neither the books nor the intelligence but her teacher at school helps her overcome these barriers. Her theacher’s encouragement and affection gave her new life. She became an intellignet , sharp and fearless girl who knew her mind.

Conclusion : And due to her teacher she became a confident, bold and outstanding girl.

Q-4 On the basis of your understanding of the story, sketch the character of Bholi. ?

Ans Introduction : Though her name was Sulekha, since her childhood everyone had nicknamed her Bholi, the simpleton.

Early barriers removed : her eudcation washed and polihed her brain. Her intelligence surfaced and shone. She understood the things. She had not hesiation to speak her mind. She was outspoken.

Confidence : She ganed confidence. She knew her mind. At the time of her marriage, she spoke in a clear loud voice. Her parents, sisters, brothers, relations and neighbours were stared to hear her speak without even the slightest stammer.

self-respect : She asked her father take back his money from Bishambernath, She refused to marry that man who was a mean, greedy and contimptible coward.

Conclusion: Sulekha told her parents that see needn’t get married. She assured them that she would help them in their old age.


Q-1 Why did the tehsildar came to ramlal’s village? What did he asked Ramlal to do ?

Ans Tehsildar came to ramlal’s village to perform the opening ceremony of a primary school for girls. He asked ramlal to send his daughters to school.

Q-2 how did Bholi react when her father caught her by the hand to take her to school .

Ans Ramlal caught bholi’s hand and asked her to go to school. She was frightened. She did not know what a school was like. She shouted in terror and pulled her hand away from her father’s grip.

Q-3 Why was Bholi reluctant to go to school with her father ? What made her feel that she was going to a better place than her name ?

Ans bholi was reluctant to go to school with her father because she did not know what a school was a like . When Bholi received a clean dress, She was bathed and her dry hair was oild, she believed that she was going to a better place then her home.

Q-4 Which incident touched Bholi’s heart the very first day at school ?

Ans When the school bell rang, all the girl went out of the class. The teacher Called ‘Bholi ‘ The teacher’s voice was so soft and soothing In all her life Bholi had never been called like that. It touched her heart.


Q-1 Why did Bishamber’s marriage with Bholi not take to place ?

Ans Bishamber saw the pock-marks on Bholi’s face and demanded five thousand rupees as dowry. Bholi refused to have such a mean and greedy man as her husband, so her marriage to Bishamber did not take place.

Q-2 Who was the artist and who is the masterpiese in the story ‘Bholi” ?

Ans In the story ‘Bholi ” , Bholi teacher who gave love and encouragement at school is the ‘artist’ and Bholi her self is the ‘masterpiece’.

Q-3 Why did Bholi’s parents accept Bishamber’s marriage proposal ?

Ans Bholi’s parents accpted Bishamber’s marriage proposal because he was a richman, he did not dimand dowry. He lived in another village, he did not know about bholi’s pock-marks and her luck of sense.

Q-4 Who was ramlal ? How many children had he ? Which rank possessed Bholi among her sisters ?

Ans Ramlal was the numberdar of his village . he had seven children. Bholi was the fourth among her sisters.

Think about it

Q-1 Bholi did not many apprehensions about going to school. What made her. feel that she was going to a beeter place then her home ?

Ans. Bholi did not know what a school was like. She remebered how their old frightened and was reluctant to go to school with her father.

She felt that she was going to a better place. Bholi get a clean dress to wear. It was unusual event for her. She was bathed. Oil was rubbed into her dry hair. These things were new to her. These things made her feel that she was going to a better place than her house.

Q-2 How did Bholi’s teacher play an important role in changing the course of her life ?

Ans. This is aptly proved in the story of bholi who gets a completely new personality and identity all because of the sincere and genuine efforts of her teacher. Her teacher’s loving words touched the innocent heart of Bholi They instilled in the her confidence to come up to her teacher’s expectations because she did not want to let down such a kind goddess.

Her teacher plays a very pivotal role in her life to give her the courage to stand up for her own self respect and fight for her own right which her always been denied by man.

Q-3 Why did bholi at first agree to an unequal match ? Why did she later reject the marriage ? What does this tell us about her ?

Ans. first bholi accepted bishamber’s marriage proposal because he was a well-to-do bridegroom. He owned a bid shop, a house of his own and had a good amount of money in the blank. Moreover, he was not demanding any dowry. Bholi was also a well behaved and obedient daughter of her parents. So she agreed to an unequal match for the sake of parents.

But when Bholi husband saw the pock-marks on her face than demanded five thousand rupees as dowry from her father. Bholi refused to have such a mean, greedy and contemptible man as her husband.

We came to this conclusion that she is not a dumb-driven cow.

Q-4 Bholi’s real name is Sulekha. We are told this right at the beginning. But only in the last but one paragraph of this story is Bholi called sulekha again. Why do you think she is called sulekha at that point in the story ?

Ans. At the end of the story Bholi is called sulekha, because now i she not Bholi. The meaning of ‘Bholi i simple hearted person. But now Bholi is a self confident girl so she is called by her confident girl so she is called by her real name.

Talk about it

Q-1 Bholi’s teacher helped her overcome social barriers by encouragement and mtivatting her. How do you think you can contribute towards chancing the social attitudes illustrated in this story ?

Ans. Bholi’s teacher had indeed played a important role. She gave such encouragrment to bholi which made her face the the world. When Bholi was brought to the school she could hardly speak her name. The teacher provided all help to her and inspired her. She developed the qualities of confidence in Bholi. It was her effort which made her challenge the dowry seeker.

This story plays a very important role in given message to those people who keep their daughter uneducated. The society should understand that education can do any wonder and can help us to do away with curse like dowry. Bholi has shocked the word with her confidence.

Q-2- should girls be aware of their rights , and assert them ? Should girls and boys have the same rights, duties and privileges ? What are some of the way in which socity trets them differently ? When we speak of ‘ human rights ‘ do we diffrentiate between girl’s rights ?

Ans- Girls write are very significant. In fact girl are the back bone of the countryy an it is required that they are aware of their rights. They have always been exploited and have became victims of system. The right and duties are two face of a coin right a equality , Right to liberally right to education , Right to constitutinol right are very important for every girl. There should be equality between rights and duties of girls and boys. by making a distinction we will be doing wrong. Although in many fields girls are given privilage but that is meant to bring both the sex together.

It is a must that girl education should be given a priority. If we are educating the whole family.

Q-3- Do you think the characters in the story were speaking to each other in english ? If not , In which language were they speaking ? ( You can get clues from the names of the persons and the non-english words used in the story.)

Ans- The story is set in a rural background. In this story the main character are village tehsildar and nambardar , who do not seen to posses much education. The name such as laxmi for cow and ramlal for head of the family give reflaction of rural life. In such rural background the language spoken must be hindi. It is a very new experience for bholi to go to school and learned small english word . The dialect must be in rural accent.

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