Coorg || Ayatana Coorg || HISTORY OF COORG CHAPTER 7th CLASS 10th




coorg is situanted midway between mysore and the coastal town of mangalore in karnataka state. it is a heaven on earth. it is beautiful region of rolling hills. martial men. beatiful women and wild creatures. HISTORY OF COORG.

coorg is famous for coffe. rainforests and spices. forests cover 30 per cent of its land. it rains heavily durning monssons. the beast period for visit is september to march when the weather is perfect.

one feels the invigorating smell of coffee in the atmosphere. tucked to the coofee estates under tree canopies in prime corners one can see colonial bungalows.

The fiercely independdent people of Coorg are possibly the descendants of Greek or Arabs. Story goes that a part of Alexander’s army settled here when the return became impractical. They married among the locals. Their maritial traditions, marriage and religi9ous rites are different from Hindu mainstream. They also wear a waist belt which is similar to the Kuffia worn by the Arabs and Kurds. They are very hospitable and entertain their guests with stories of bravery and courage of their sons and fathers. Coorg Regiment is the most decorated in the Indian army . General Cariappa was a Coorgi. They are permitted to carry fire arms without a licence.

Waters from forests and hills feed river Cauvery. Many animals enjoy in its water. It also provide adventurous sports like rafting. canoeing and rappelloing. Other adventure sports like rock climbing , mountain biking and trekking are also there.

When climbed it gives a panoramic view of the entire Coorg. India’s largest Tibetan settlement is also there in Coorg.

सम्पूर्ण पाठ का हिंदी रूपांतरण

कुर्ग कॉफी का इलाका है जो अपने वर्षा बनो और मसालों के लिए प्रसिद्ध है मैसूर और तटीय नगर मंगलौर के बीच में एक स्वर्ग का टुकड़ा स्थित है जो देवलोक से हल्की हवा के झोंके के साथ आया होगा गोल पहाड़ियों की भूमि युद्ध में लड़ने वाले स्वाभिमानी पुरुषों खूबसूरत महिलाओं और जंगली जीवों से भरी हुई है कृपया कोडागु कर्नाटक का सबसे छोटा जिला सदैव हरी-भरी रहने वाले वर्षा वनों मसालों और कॉफी के पौधों का घर है सदैव हरे रहने वाले वर्षावन इस जिले का 30% भाग गिरते हैं मानसून के दिनों में आगंतुक यहां नहीं आते ही उल्लास का मौसम सितंबर माह से प्रारंभ होकर मार्च तक चालू रहता है मौसम कुछ हल्की बारिश के साथ बहुत बढ़िया रहता है कॉफी का ऊर्जावान सुगंध हवा में विस्तीर्ण रहती है कॉफी की बगीची और औपनिवेशिक बंगले मुख्य कानों में वृक्षों की छत्रियों की नीचे खड़े हैं


Q-1 What is referred to as ‘a piece of heaven’ ?

Ans Coorg of Kodagu is referred to as ‘a piece of heaven ‘.

Q-2 Where is it situated ?

Ans It is situated midway between Mysore and Mangalore.

Q-3 Why do many tourists not visit it during monsoons ?

Ans Many tourists do not visit it during monsoon due to heavy down- pours .

Q-4 Why are people drawn do it ?

Ans People are drawn to it because of its natural beauty and perfect weather.

Q-5 What is the quality of Coorg people ?

Ans Coorg people are fiercely independent .

Q-6 What is the traditional dress of Kodavus ?

Ans The traditional dress of Kodavus is that they wear the long , black coat with an embroidered waist belt .

Q-7 Where did a part of Alexanders army settle ?

Ans A part of Alexander’s army moved south along the coast and settled there.

Q-8 Which is the river flowing through Coorg ?

Ans The river Kaveri flows through Coorg.

Q-9 The main crop of Coorg ?

Ans Coffee and spices are the main crops of Coorg .

Q-10 Where is Coorg ?

Ans It is situated in the midway between Mysore and coastal town of Mangalore.


Q-1 What is the story about the Kodavu people’s descent ?

Ans The people Coorg are of Greek or Arabic descent . The story goes that a part of Alexander’s army setted here. Its return became impractical. These people married among the locals. This culture is seen in the martial traditions , marriage and religious rites, The Arab origin is seen in the long , black coat worn by the Kodavus. It is Known as kuppia. It is like the kuffia worn by the Kurds.

Q-2 Its distance from Banglore and how to get there ?

Ans Its distnce from Bangalore is around 250-260 km. One can get there either by Air (Indian Air Lines from Ahmedabed, Chennai , Delhi , Mumbai etc, ) or by road (either via Mysore or via Neelamangal, Kunigal, Chanrayanapatna.


Q-1 Give a brief acount of the beatiful of coorg.

ANS- There are martial men and beatiful women in coorg. They are possibly of Greek or arabic descent. A popular story says that a part of Alexander ‘army stayed bake and married amongst. the locals. Their culture, marriage and religions rites are different from that of hindu mainstream.

They also wear a waist-belt called kuppia. It resembles the kuffin worn by the arabs and the kurds.

coorgies are very hospitable. They tell their guests stories of valour of their sons and fathers. coorg soildrs are brave. coorg Regiment is one of the most decorate one in the Indian Army . The first General of Independent India Genral cariappa was a coorgi. coorgies are the only peaple who are permitted to carry firearms witaout a licence.

Q-2 How one can enjoy life can enjoy life in the region of coorg ?

ANS- coorg is a worth seeing and worth enjoying tourist plase. Its people are famous for valour and hospitality. If one wants to visit, he must visit, he must visit durning September to march . Durnig the monsoons heavy rains spoil the charm of the trip. The cauvery river is famous for Mahaseer and kingfisher .Both are the giant fish In the forests one can enjoy the company of squirrrels, langurs, elephant etc. The elephant ride is a great attraction for children.

people having the relaxed mood can enjoy numerous. water games. Brahmagiri hil gives us the entire view of coorg. One can enjoy walking over the rope bridge. It leads to the sixty-four acre island of nisargduhama. India’ s famous for the Buddhist monks. They wear ocher and yellow robes. In short we can say that there are so many suprise in coorg .

Q-3 What is the story about the origin of the people of coorg ?

ANS- The firercely independent people of coorg are possibly of Greek or arabic descent.

A story gose that a part of Alexander’s army moved south along the coast and settled here when return became impractical. These people married amongst the locals and their culture is apparent in the martial traditions. marriage and religious rites.

The theory of arab origin is supported by the long, black coat with an embroidered waist-belt worn by the kodavus. This dress resembles the kuffia worn by the Arabs and the kurds.

Q-4 describe coorg’s weather, main crops and the sports which fascinate the vistiors.

ANS- coorg is home to evergreen rain forests. They cover thiyty per cent of this district.

Wheather : Durnig the monsoons, it pours heavily . The season of joy begins from september and lasts till March. The weather is perfect . some showerw fall durning this period .

Main Crops are spices and and coffe plantation.

Sports.The fascinating sports are : river rafting, canoeing, rappelling, rock climbing and mountain biking.

Many walking traits in this region are a favourite with trekkers.

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