DUST OF SNOW || Class-10 Questions And Answers summary Poem-1st

‘ Dust of snow’ is a short poem describing a simple moment which has a large singnificance. A crow sitting on a hemlock tree shakes off snow on the poet. This simple action changes the dipressive mood of the poet. Lost in the sorrow, he has wasted a part of his day repenting but now with the change of mood, he wants to utilise the rest of the day in some useful activity.


Q-1 What shook down on me ?

Ans Dust of snow shook down on me.

Q-2 Who was the instrument of this act ?

Ans A crow was the instrument of this act.

Q-3 What was done by a crow ?

Ans A crow shook down the dust of snow from a hemlock tree.

Q-4 What was the effect ?

Ans The dust of snow fell on the poet.

Q-5 Which season do you read in the stanza ?

Ans It is a winter season of snow.

Q-6 whose ‘heart’ is mentioned above ?

Ans It is the poet heart.

Q-7 What happened to the heart ?

Ans the poet got a sudden change in his mood.

Q-8 What did the poet think of that day ?

Ans He felt sad that day. But the fall of snow dust changed his sad mood.

Q-9 ‘And saved some part of a day i had rued’. Who is ‘I’ here ?

Ans ‘I’ is the poet here.

Q-10 which woed in the stanza means ‘repent’ or ‘regretted’ ?

Ans repent or regretted =rued


Q-1 What is the central idea of the poem ‘Dust of snow’


What dose the poet want to convery through the poem ‘Dust of snow’ ?

Ans In the poem ‘Dust of snow’, the poet wants to convery that sometimes certain moments or actions which are simple have larrger singnificance. They can change the mood or life of person. The way a crow shakes down dust of snow on the poet inspires and give him the idea to shake off his depressive thoughts. become cheerful, and do something useful.

Q-2 What side of nature do ‘crow’ and ‘hemlock’ represent ?

Ans Crow is a black, harsh voiced bird and hemlock is a poisonous tree. both are not good and beautiful. They represent dark, depressive, sorrowful and bitter side of nature.

Q-3 Why does the poet use such poetically uncommon bird and tree ? What does it reflect ?

Ans the poet seems to be in and depressive and sorrowful mood. In such a mood. one cannot think of sweet and poironous image come to his mind. So he uses an uncommon, harsh, ugly crow and poisonous tree like hemlock.

Q-4 what mood of poet is reflected in the poem ? How does it reflected ?

Ans The sorrowful and depressive mood of the poet is reflected in the poem. The use of the harsh and ulgy bird crow and poisonous tree hemlock reflects the poet’s mood.

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