ENGLISH Examination Paper, 2017 Class-10

Time : 3 hrs. Max. Marks :100

Note : (i) This question paper is divided into four section-‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’ .

(ii) All question are compulsory. Marks are indicated against each question.

Q-1 Read the passage given below and answer the question that follow :

When Mr. jones went to a restaurant one day. he left his coat near the door. There was nothing in the pockets of the coat When he left it., So he was very surprised when he took his coat after his meal and found the pockets full of jewellery.

There was a waiter near the door, so Mr. Jones said to him, ‘Somebody had made a mistake. He has put some jewellery in my coat. Take it, and when he comes back, give it to him, The waiter took it and went away. Suddenly another man come in with a coat Just Like Mr. jones. ‘I am sorry’ said the man , ‘ I made a mistake. I took your coat and you have got mine. Please give me my coat and jewellery . ‘Mr. Jones answer , I gave the jewellery to the waiter. He will give it to you.’

Mr. jones called the Manager of the restaurant; but the manager said, ‘ We have no waiter here. We have only waitresses.’ ‘You gave the jewellery to a thief .’ shouted the other man. I shall send for the police. Mr. Jones was frightened and paid the man a lot of money for the jewellery.

Question :

(a) Why did Jones go to the restaurant ?

(b) What did Jones think about the jewellery in his pocket ?

(c) What did the other man want Jones to do ?

(d) What did Jones do to save himself ?

Q-2 Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :

A stamp is, to many people, just a slip of paper that takes of latter from one town or country to another. They are unable to understand why we stamp collectors find so much pleasure in collecting them and why we find the time which to indulge in our hobby. To them it seems a waste of time, a waste of money. But they do not realize that there are many who find the effort wortwhile and many who, if they did not spend their time collecting stamps, would spend it less profitably. We all seek something to do in our leisure hours, and what better occupation is there to keep us out of mischief than that of collecting stamps ? An album, a packet of hinges, a new supply of stamps and the time passes swiftly and pleasantly. Stamp-collecting has no limits and a collecting never has an end; countries are always printing and issuing new stamps to celebrate coronations, great coronations, great events, anniversaries and deaths. And the fascination of collecting trying to obtain these stamp envelope rivals. Every sphere of stamp collecting has its fascination-receiving letter from distant countries and discovering old stamps itself has a fascination of its own. Gazing at its little picture we are transported to the wilds of congo, the homes of the Arabs and the endless traces of sahara desert. There is a history in every stamp. The ancient roman Empire and the constitutions of America, India’s Independence and the allied Victory are all conveyed to our mind’s eye by means of stamps, So small and minute, contain knowledge that is vast and important.

Questions :

(a) Describe how a stamp is not just a slip of paper on a letter.

(b) How is it that stamp-collecting has no limits ?

(c) In what way it is true that there is a history in every stamp ?

(d) How can we say that stamps are small and minute but contain great knowledge ?

(e) Find words from the passage which mean the following :

(i) Free time (ii) Quickly (iii) Attraction.

Section ‘B’ (Grammar)

Q-3 You are Rakshi/Abhilasha of Dwarahat, Almora. Write a letter to your friend regretting your inability to attend his/her birthday party because of your examination.


You are Rohit/Jyoti of 2A Badrinath Road, karanprayag. Write a letter to the Chairman of your municipal Board requesting him to arrange for the clealiness of your locality.

Q-4 Write a paragraph on any one of the folloeing in about 60 words :

(a) The Harmful effects of television

(b) My sweet mother

(c) Importance of Newspaper.

Q-5 On the basis of hints given below, write a paragraph in about 80 words on ‘ A journey By bus’.

Hints : Time of journey_______from where you started and your destination_______bus station______noisy scene_____passengers____tea stall, fruit vendors.

Section ‘c’ (grammar)

Q-6 Fill in the blanks with the correct form of non-finites given in the brackets :

(a) ……….. dogs seldom bite. (bark)

(b) It is foolish………..your time. (waste)

(c) My father advised me……….. hard. (work)

(d) ……….. wild animal is illegal. (hunt)

Q-7 Combine the following pairs of sentences using sentence connectors given in the brackets :

(a) He was punished. He was found guilty. (because)

(b) He came to my house. I was asleep. (when)

Q-8 join the following pairs of sentences as directed :

(a) How do you do the trick ? Please tell me. (Begin with “Please tell”)

(b) Where has he gone ? Can you tell me ? (Begin with “Can you”)

Q-9 Fill in the blanks with correct form of verbs given in the brackets :

Suresh……….(want) to join a medical college. He……….(fail) in the test. He……..(be) hopeless.

Q-10 Complete the following sentence using modals :

(a) ……..you please lend me your book ?

(b) We……. learn from our elders.

Q-11 (A) Transform the following sentences into passive voice :

(a) Ram has taught Ahmed. (b) My father loves me.

(B) Rearrange the following words and phrases to from meaningful sentences :

(i) Grandmother / languages / speak / My / four / can.

(ii) role / education / can / important / play / an.

Section ‘D’ (textbook)


12. Read the extract given below and answer the question that follow :

The baker usually collected his bills at the end of the month. Monthly accounts used to be recorded on some wall in pencil. Baking was indeed a profitable profession in the old days The baker and his family and his servants always looked happy and prosperous. Their plump physique was an open testimony to his. Even today any person with a jackfruit-like physical appearance is easily compared to a baker.

Questions :

(a) Where were the monthly accounts of the baker recorded ?

(b) When did the baker collect his bills ?

(c) What does a ‘jackfruit-like appearance’ mean ?

(d) Find a word in the passage which means ‘occupation’ .

13. Read the following passage and answer the questions that fellow :

Lencho showed not the slightest surprise on seeing the money; such was his confidence but he became angry when he counted the money. God could not have made a mistake nor could he have denied lencho what he had requested.

Immediately , lencho went up to the window to ask for paper and ink. On the public writing-table , He started to write , with much wrinkling of his brow , Caused by the effort he had to make to express his ideas. when he finished, He went to the window to buy a stamp which he licked and then affixed to the envelope with the below of his fist.

Questions :

(a) What was Lencho’s reaction on receiving a letter for him with money in it ?

(b) What made Lencho angry ?

(c) Why did he go to the Window ?

(d) Find a word in the passage which means ‘at once’ .

14. Answer the following question in about 80 words :

Give the character sketch of wanda petronski as discribed in the lesson “The hundred dresses’

OR When her son dies , Kisa Gotami goes from house to house. What does ahe ask for ? Does she get it ? If no , Then why ?

15. Answer the following question in about 30-40 words :

What do you know about natalya stepnovna ?

OR Write a note on the character of lomov.


16. Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow :

“But I can get a hair-dye

And set such colour there,

Brown, or black or carrot ,

That young man in despair

may love me for my self alone

And not my yellow hair.”

Questions :

(a) What is the actual colour of young women’s hair ?

(b) What does colour she went

(c) Why does she want to do so ?

OR Now the name of the little black kitten was ink,

And the little grey mouse, she called him blink,

And the little yellow dog was sharp as mustard,

But the dragon was a coward and she called him custard.

Questions :

(a) Give the name of the poem and the poet.

(b) What was the name of the black kitten ?

(c) How sharp was the yellow dog ?

17. Answer any two of the following question in about 30-40 words each :

(a) Write the central idea of the poem ‘Fire and ice’

(b) “Belinda tickled him , She tickled him unmerciful …..” Why ?

(c) What does john berryman say the boy is learning from the loss of the ball ?

( Supplementary Reader )

18. Answer the following questions in about 100 words :

Why is Mrs. Pumphrey worried about tricki ?

OR The cource of the loisels ‘ life changed due to the necklace. Comment.

!9. Answer the following question in about 30-40 words :

How did bholi’s teacher play an important role in changing the cource of her life ?

OR What does the thief say about the diffrent reactions of people when they are robbed ?

20. Answer the following question in about 20-30 words :

Why does Mrs. hall find the scientist eccentric ?

OR What lesson does ebright learn when he does not win anything at a science fair ?

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