Fire And Ice Poem-2 Summary

Fire And Ice Poem In English And Hindi

Fire And Ice Poem :-

In this poem, Robert frost to two predicitation of hoe the world will end. Some say it will end in fire. According to other will end in ice. The poet equtes desire. With fire and harted with ice. Both are growingwith such a rapid speed that the world will parish eighter way in fire or in ice.


Q-1- What does ‘it ‘ stand for in the first line ?

Ans- ‘It’ here stands for the world.

Q-2- What does the poet equate ‘ice’ with ?

Ans- The poet equates ‘ice’ with haterd.

Q-3- What is also great ?

Ans- The ice is also great.

Q-4- For what it would suffice ?

Ans- It would suffice to perish the world.


Q-1- According to some people how will the world end in fir ?

Ans- Here ‘fire stands for hatred, Crulty , fury and avrise that some people feel the world will end in fire.

Q-2- How will it end in ice ?

Ans- ‘Ice’ stands for insenstivity , coldness and intorance. Which to can end the world.

Q-3- Why does the poet side with thoes who belive that the world will end fire ?

Ans- It is the taste of poets own desire which has made him side with those people who belive that the world will end in fire.


Q-1- What is the underlaying idea of the poem ‘fire and ice’ ?

Ans- The poem iinquates fire with desire and ice with hatred . Both of these are growing with enormous speed. If we don t cheack them from growing , the world will parish . So we must retaurn our desire and lover our felllow being.

Q-2 What message does the poet want to convey throw the poem fire and ice ?

Ans- Man bhai nature is selfish. He is full of a price last in difference and hated. he forgots is real identity. he feels to keep in mind the ultimate of death. In this contact Frost causes the humidity that the end is invitable. Non can go spare from the clothes of death.

Q-3- Some say thr world will end in fire
Some say in ice.
What do “fire” and “ice” stand for ?

Ans-Acoording to the poet robert frost fire stands for heated lust crutely fury and avarice and ice stands for insenesitivity coldness indeffrence and intolerence.

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