FOOTPRINTS WITHOUT FEET Summary Of The Chapter-5 Question Answer


Q-1 How did the invisible man first become visible ?

Ans. The invisible man first become visible mysteriously when Mrs hall went to him in Iping.

Q-2 Why was he wandering the streets ?

Ans. He was wandering the streets of london because two boys had been following him. They had seen his footprints but no man was there. Then Griffin had been wandering in london streets for a safer place.

Q-3 Why dose Mrs Hall find the scientist eccentric ?

Ans. Mrs hall found the scientist eccentric because she wanted to be friendly with him. She desired to talk to him. But he did not show any interest in that. He told her that he desired solitude.

Q-4 What curious episode occurs in the study ?

Ans. The curious episode occurs in the study. One early morning the clergyman and his wife found that someone has taken away the chink of money from the desk. But there was no one around there.

Q-5 What other extraordinary things happened at the inn ?

Ans. Many other extraordinary things happened in the inn. The landlord and his wife found the scientist’s door open but there was no one in the room. Then Mrs hall heard sniff close to her ear. After a moment the hat on the bedpost leapt up and dashed itself into her face The chair began moving automatically. These things made people furious.


Griffin was a brilliant scientist.He discovered a rare drug. It could make a man invisible. Griffin was disliked by his landlord on fire. Then he took the drug. He removed his clothes. He became invisible.

Griffin had money. He had no clothes. The air was very cold. He entered a big london store for warmth. He broke open boxes and wrappers. He put on warm clothes, shoes and a hat. He ate cold meat, took coffee and wine. Then he slept in quilts. The next morning the servants opened the store. His eyes opened .He took off his clothes and became invisible. Thus he saved himself.

It was cold January. He entered a stock of a theatrical company. He wore dark glasses, a false nose and whiskers to cover his face He hit the shopkeeper and and stole his money.

Griffin wanted to leave london. He took a train to the village Iping. loved solitude. When his stolen money was spent, he stole the money from a clergyman’s desk. The clergyman and his wife heard the chink of money was missing all the same.

Mrs Hall saw the door of the room of griffin wide open next morning. She and her husband tried to search his room. she heard a sniff near her ear. soon the hat on the bedpost leapt up and struck her face. The chair rose up and pushed them out of the room.

People began to suspect that Griffin had a hand in the theft of the clergyman. A constable was secretly sent for. Meanwhile Mrs Hall picked up a quarrel with Griffin. He was now a headlessman. He became more and more and more invisible. He hit the people. They were frightened. The constable was knocked down unconscious. The constable was knocked down unconscious. The invisible man shook himself free and went his way.


Q-1 “Griffin was rather a lawless person.” Comment.

Ans. Griffin is considered to be a lawless person for the following reasons :

  1. His landlord did not like him and wanted to eject him. In revenge Griffin set fire to his house. He became invisible and got away without being seen.

2. He slipped into a big london store. He was able to give himself without regard to expense. he panicked and ran away.

3. He entered into a theatrical shop. He wore bandages round his forehead, dark glasses, false nose, big bushy side-whiskers and a large hat. He callously attacked the shopkeeper from behind and robbed him of all money.

4. He stole the money of clergyman. When the constable came to arrest him, he became invisible. He knocked the constable unconscious and shook him self free.

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