Mijbil The Otter Question Answer_Chapter-8

The authoer maxwell had a dog. It died. He dicided to have another dog. In early 1956 , he travelled to southern iraq . Ther it came to his mind to have an other. It would be a sutaible experiment . Huis maill was due. So with his friend he went to basra . Mijbil The Otter.

The caounsulate genrel informed that the mail for the aouther had not arrived. His friend took his mails left. After five days his mail arrived . He recived his mail and returned.

When the author reached his bedroom, his found to arabs with a not from his friend . In a sack here was an otter it was a small creature like a dragon . from the hed to the tail it was coated with mud aromer . He christend it mijbil . In the begining it chosse to sleep, on the floor . But on the second night it entered the bed until the servent brought tea in the morning the other started talking on intereste in its surrounding .

When it was taken to the bathroom, it plunged in rolled in it with joy . The authoer knew that the otthers are much fond o9f water and it must be kept on the move. After two days it was found in the bathroom . The author was surprised to see it sturregling with the watertap . Soon it became habitaul to be callled as mij. It spent most of its time in playi8ng with a rubber ball and marballs . There it woulde be on the floor and rolll two or more marbels with his back . In enjoy with them very much.

Now the author was at was basra. He was to move to englend and then to comusfearna. He apprioched the british airlines for talking an other with them but with refused. then he had to go to p-arish aned then to london. On the insitance of the airlines. Mij was paked in box of 18” square . The author want for his harried meal.

When he return there was silence from the box. He noticed blood from the air holes. He opeand it and found mij troubled and blood spatteared . It5 whempeared and caught him leg . The time was very short. So he again put the animal into the box an held the lid with his hends . He heard a car then ran like a bullet from the streat of basra . The aircraft people were waiting for the author. They became angry but soon he was on the front seet.

He admired the air hostess who advised the author to keep his pet on his knees. But soon there arose a truble . The author disappeard at high speed down the aircraft. There were crees. Even one lady screamed out ”A RAT’ A ‘RAT” the author to peeped but sooon he was coverd with carry for its hunt. The airhosts assurred that she woulde find and hand over it to him . Very soon the authoer was on his knees.

The other remined there is london for a month. THere the other would play for hourse with toys , rubber fruit and terrapain shell. During the journy the author suiotcase became damaged. Mij always intened that thge authour would keep a bowl on the high end and it would run down to its leanth.

the other even look it for exercise and both walked through the london streets . It workied like a dog . Opposite to his flat thre was a primary school and the front wall was very small,. Mij would took the author there and gallop over it.

In london people did not recognise an otter. THey gussed what kind of aniomal it was . People used to ask the auther if it was from the small group of animals calloed musttallins. some thought it to be a walrus. The augther was in an odd situwation . People were gussing it with some otter names liked a beaver a bear cub in a brotounsar and so on but for the autheor it was on other.

Then the other once saw a labourear in surprice . He was digging a hole in the street . seeing the animals he laid his down tools. When the author neared him, there was a surprice on his face . He seemed to say that not joke could be played on him. He growled out, ”mister -what is that supoosed to be ?”


Q-1- What pet did the writer decide to keep ?

Ans- The writer decided to keep an other as a pet.

Q-2- What favourable condition motivate him to keep that pet ?

Ans- The place were the writer lived comusfearna in ingland had water all around very near it .

Q-3- What experiment was he going to do ?

Ans- He was going to keep an other as a pet in place of a dog for the first t6ime. It was something new that he was going to try ?

Q-4- Why did the friend suggest the writer to go to tigris ?

Ans- The friend suggested the writer to go to tigries because that was a place where one could find other in planty an that to , trained by the arabs.

Q-5- Which expresion in the passage means — at a very short distance ?

Ans- A stones throw means at a short distance.

Q-6- Why were the officials at the airport very angry with the writer ?

Ans- The officials at the airport weary very angry with the writer because he was late and the aircraft was waiting to take off.

Q-7- How did he take the air hostess into his confidence ?

Ans- He took the airhosteess into his confidence when he told her his experince of the last half hour

Q-8- What did the otter look like ?

Ans- He looked like a small dragon which were imagined in the middle ages.

Q-9- What was he covered with ? why ?

Ans- He was coverd with mud because he had been living in a marshy place and perhaps had no bath for a long time.

Q-10- What coular was the fur of the otter ? When could the writer see the otter in his true colours ?

Ans- It was chocolate brown. He could see the otter in his true colours only after a month.


Q-1- The writer excepted a cloud of dust when the otter shook himself but there was none. Why ?

Ans- There was no cloud of dust because the mud must had stuck to his fur and dride making scales.

Q-2- Where did mijbul disappear ? Why did he do so ?

Ans- He disappeard from the room and enterd the bathroom. He wanted to enjoy playing in the water.

Q-3- How did the open the taps ? What quaility of his character does his action reaveal ?

Ans- He fuembled with his paws at the taps. It shows that he was intelligent.

Q-4- Why could he not open the taps everytime ?

Ans- He could not open the taps everytime because he screwed then in the opposite direction and thus made them tighter.

Q-5- How did he feel when he could not open them ?

Ans- He felt irrited and disapointed.

Q-6- Which word in the passage means trying to do something in a clumsy menner’.?

Ans-Tring to do something in a clumsy manner fumbling=.

Q-7- As british airline did not allow animals to fly on a plane , what did the writer do ?

Ans- He was dreadded because he did not know how mij would behave on the way.

Q-8- What specification did the airline give to transport mij ?

Ans- He was to be packed in a box not more than eighteen inches and the box was to be put on the floor at the writer feet.

Q-9- Why did the writer put mij in the box before living for the hurried meal ?

Ans- He wanted him to get assumtomed to the box so he put mij in the box.

Q-10- Which experision in the passage means fearfull about the future ?

Ans- ferful about the future = dressed the prospect.


Q-1- When the writer come back after a hurried meal what socking scean did he see ?

Ans- No sound was coming out of the box. The blood had trickled and dried near the chinks and the airholes of the box in which mij had been packed.

Q-2- When the writer saw the trikled and dried blood near the chinks and airholes what he do ?

Ans- After seingthe scean he immediatly look of the box.

Q-3- What was the condition of mij when the box was opend ? what did he do ? What did his action reflect ?

Ans- mij was misrable exhausted and had blood stains. He made a low cry and caught the leg of the writer. It reflects that he was scared and wanted the protection of the writer.

Q-4- The writer could make out that mij felt uncomfertable and did not liked to be packed in that box than why did he pack him back in that box only ?

Ans- He had no other alternative no time to get another box only ten minutes where left to his flight and he had to over his distence of five meals to reach the airport.

Q-5- Which experision in the passage means a shocking scean ?

Ans- A shock scean = an appalling spectacles.

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