Tea From Assam Class-10 Questions And Answers_Chapter-7

lll. Tea From Assam Summary Of The Chapter

Tea From Assam

Pranjol is Rajvir’s classmate in Delhi. He is from Assam. Rajveer goes with him to his native place during the summer vacation on the way near Assam hi she is a lot of greenery paddy fields and tea gardens.

Before starting for Assam Rajveer call class a lot of information about he tells Pranjal that will agents the Chinese and the Indian that all about the discovery of tea in the Chinese legend a Chinese emperor you to drink water after bowling. One day activities water and gave it delicious flavour the leaves of that quickwear tea leaves.

According to the Indian legend, a buddhist ascetic once cut off his eyelids because he used to feel sleepy durnig meditation. ten plants grew out of these eyelids. The leaves of these when put in hot water banished sleep.

Both the friends get down of mariani junction station. Pranjol’ s parents had come to receive them. They take them to Dhekiabari. where pranjol lives. His father is the manager of a tea estate there. on both sides of road they see tea gradens and the plucker and the plucker women plucking new supouts of tea plants and putting them in the basket. They also wear plastic aprons.


Q-1 What was exclaimed by pranjol ?

ANS- Pranjol exclaimed “Tea is really very popular”.

Q-2 What was pranjol doing in the train ?

ANS- pranjol was reading detective stories from a novel.

Q-3 What surprised Rajvir ?

ANS- Rajvir was surprised to see the immense greenery.

Q-4 Whice two crops were there in the fields ?

ANS- There were the paddy crops and tea bushes.

Q-5 Trace a woed that means “firm’?

ANS- firm=ardent.

Q-6 Which view has been referred in the passage ?

ANS- The magnificent view of tea plantation fields has been referred.

Q-7 How were the tea bushes spread ?

ANS- The tea bushes were spread like a wids sea.

Q-8 What did rajvir see at some distance and what was coming out of it ?

ANS- Rajvir saw an ugly building with smoke coming out of its chimney .

Q-9 What did rajvir excite for ?

ANS Rajvir excited for seeing a tea garden .

Q-10 Trace a word that means ‘spread ?

ANS- Spread =Stretched.


Q-1 How did the chinese emperor discover tea ?

ANS- Onse when water was being boiled for him, a small brance fell into it giving it a delicious flavour . It is said that they were tea leaves.

Q-2 Which expression shows that pranjol did not believe in the story of the chinese emperor?

ANS- “Tell me anoter!”scoffed pranjol__shows that he did not belive in the chinese story.

Q-3 Why did the buddhist ascetic cut off his eyelids?

ANS- Buddhist ascetic cut off his eyelids because he used to feel sleepy during meditation.

Q-4 What grew out of the eyelids ? What was the effect of its leaves?

ANS- Ten tea plants grew out of the eyelids. The leaves of these plants when put in hot water banished sleep.

Q-5 Which word in the passage means ‘disappeared”?

ANS- disappeared = banished.


Q-1 Imagine yourself to be rajvir. Write a diary note describing your experience on way to Dhekiabari.

ANS- 15 june , 2007, Friday

We reached pranjol’ s house in the evening . Our journey to dhekiabari was a fascinating experience for me. Pranjol’s parents had come to receive us at the station. We headed for dhekiabari where pranjol lives. His father is a manager of a tea garden there. on both sides of the road were tea garden as far as my eyes could reach. in the background were hills covered with dense forests. the tall shady trees in the backdrop of tea buhes made them look dwarf . Women plucking tea leaves in the garden looked like dolls. They wore plastic aprons and had baskets at their backs.

I hope to get a lot of infomation about the production and trade of tea and also to enjoy the scenic beauty of Dhekiabari.

Q-2 Write any two legends about the discovery of tea.

ANS- There are many popular legends about the discovery of tea. Two of them are as follows :

A chinese emperor had the habit of drinking boiled water. One day a twig from the fire fell into the pot in which water was being boiled. It gave delicious flavour to the water. It is said that those were tea leaves.

An Indian legnd gose like this. Once there was a buddhist monk who used to feel sleepy durning meditation so he cut off his eyelids. The place where eyeblids fell, ten plants were put in hot water they banished sleep.

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