THE BALL POEM || Summary Of The Poem-5 || Question Answer


A boy is playing with his ball. It is bouncing in the street up and down. The boy is happily enjoying the game , while bouncing it fall in the water and it loses.

Without the ball. the becomes full of grief. The post says that there are other balls. They can no need to worry . Since the boy has this ball for a long time. so he is deeply grieved due to its attachment with it. It is linked to his memories. The poet thinks that it is no use to purchase another ball. He must feel his responsibility of the loss.


Q-1 Who has lost the ball ?

Ans- The boy has lost the ball .

Q-2 What was seen merrily going down the street ?

Ans- The ball was seen marrily going down the street .

Q-3 What did the post see ?

Ans- The poet saw the ball bouncing merrily down the street.

Q-4 Trace a word that means ‘leaping’ . ?

Ans- leaping = bouncing .

Q-5 How did the boy feel ?

Ans- The boy felt troubled and stood trembling.

Q-6 Who is ‘I’ above ?

Ans- ‘I’ stands for post .

Q-7 What is a dime ?

Ans – A dime is of ten cents. It is the currency of U.S

Q-8 Trance a word that means ‘harsh’ ?

Ans- harsh = rigid.


Q-1 Write the central idea of the poem ‘The BAll poem ‘ ?

Ans – The poet wants to convey about the realization of loss and realising one’s responsibility . He tells that money is external. We should feel the importence of possessions.

Q-2 What are the views of the poet at the loss of the ball ?

Ans- The poet thinks that it is immaterial. He can buy another ball. Side by side he stresses the fact that the boy must understand his own responsiblity at the loss. It is for everybody to know the meaning of loss.

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