The Black Aeroplane Question And Answer Class 10th MCQ



The author was flaying his old dakota aeroplan over france back to england around midnight. The moon was rising in the east behind him. The stars were shining in the sky. He was happy. He was looking forward to being with his family. He callled pairse control and told it that he was on his way to england. It advised him to turn 12 west.

He turn the dakota 12 west towards england. He would reach england. He would reach eangland at breakfast time. pairs was about 150 kms. behind him. Then he saw then stormy clouds. they were huge. they look liked black

mountain standing in front of him acrros the sky. he wanted to get home. He took risk. he flew his old dakota staright into the strome. it was dark outside the aeroplan . The old aeroplan jumped and twisted in the air. his compass and radio were dead. He called pairse cantrol but in vain.

He could not see where he was. He was lost in the storm. Then he show another aeroplan near him in the black clouds. It had no lights on its wings.

But he could she the piolet’s face who turned to him. He lifted one hand and waved. He was saying to follow him. He was trying to help the author. He followed the strange black aeroplane. They flew half an hour in the clouds.

Than the strange airoplan started to go down and the author followed him throgh the strome.

suddenly the author came out of the clouds. saw two long straight lines of lights in front of him. It was a runway ! An Airport ! He was safe ! Thew author turn to look for his friend in the black airoplan, but there was no other aeroplane had gone.

The author landed. He walked away from the old dakota near the control tower. He went an ask a women in the control center where he was and who the other pilot was. He wanted to thank him.

She looked at him very strangly and then laughed

”Another aeroplan ? Up there in this storm ? No other aeroplane were flying tonight. Yours was the only one I could see on the rader.”


Q-1- Which aeroplan was the pilot flying ?

Ans- The pilot was flying his old dakota D S 088 plane

Q-2- The pilot was happy for two reasons. disclose both of them ?

Ans- The pilot was happy in two reason

(1) He was dreming of his holyday.

(2) He was looking forward to be with his family.

Q-3- What does the writer mean by the sleeping countryside ?

Ans- the writer means by ‘sleeping countryside’ that the people in the rural area above which he was flying were sleeping.

Q-4- Which pharse in the passage means ‘hopping with plesure’ ?

Ans- The pharse ‘looking forwards to’ means hoping with plesure’?

Q-5- What did the writer see when he looked down past the nose of the aeropalane ?

Ans- When the writer lokked down past the nose of the aeropalane, he saw the lights of a big city.

Q-6- Why did the pilot call the pairis cantrol room ?

Ans- The pilot call the pairis control room to know weather he was flying correctly on his way to eangland.

Q-7- What was the advise of pairse control ?

Ans- Pairse control advised him to turn 12 west towards eangland.

Q-8- What were his thoughts ?

Ans- He thoughts of a good big eanglish breakfast. He also thought that it was an easy flight.

Q-9- Which word in the passsage means ‘soon’ ?

Ans- The word ‘immedetly’ means soon

Q-10- What did the pilot encounter 150 kilometers away from paires ?

Ans- The pilot encounterd storm clouds 150 km away from paris

Q-11- What kinds of clouds did he she ?

Ans- He saw huge clouds. They looked like black mountain standing in front of him acrros the sky.

Q-12- How many fuel thanks were there in the plane ? how much fuel was left ?

Ans- There were to fuel thanks in the plane. There was not enough fuel left.

Q-13- Why did the pilot fly straight into the storm insted of rerturning to pairse ?

Ans- Insted of retyurning to pairse the pilot flew straight into the storm because he wanted to get home and have that breakfasat.

Q-14- Which word in the passage means ‘possibleaty the somrthing unpleasent will happen’ ?

Ans- The word ”risk” means ‘the possiblety that something unpleasent will happen.

Q-15- Why was everything dark suddenly ?

Ans- Every thing was suddenly black because of black huge clouds outside.

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