The Book That Saved Earth Summary Of The Chapter-10

The Book That Saved Earth
The Book That Saved Earth


Q-1 Why was the twentieth century called the ‘Era of the Book’ ?

Ans It was “The Era of book ‘ because in those days books had everything from anteaters to zulus.

Q-2 Who tried to invade the earth in the 21st century ?

Ans The Martians tried to invade the earth in the 21st century.

Read and find Out-2

Q-1 What guesses are made by Think-Take about the books found on earth ?

Ans Think tank thought that the book found on the earth may be kind of sandwich.


The play ” the Book that Saved the earth” is written in the from of a play. by talking about the significance of the book . He credits the books for saving the earth. We are taken to Mars space. Think Tank it is a great creator who is greeted by Noodle and other.

Think take is planning to put the earth under their control. His prepration are shatterd, When lieutinant lota is counting books in a book case. They adjust their spaceship towards the earth. Captain omega lieutenant lota and sergeant oop have arrived on the earth. The library to them is a storage barn.

Think tank from mars interprets the book to be a crude refreshment stand and calls it a sandwhich. Lota and omega are ordered to eat up the sandwhich. A lot of gusses are made about the book. Noddles hints and these being communication satellite. Think thank wants omega to listen to the script. Not being able to hear, Noodly advise the book to be opend to be understood.

Finally eye communication is tride but futile. On noddle suggestion chemical vitamins are taken which enable omega to transcribe the code. Omega is able to transcribe the nursery rhyme on mistress merry. The cat and the fiddle and humpty and dumpty had a great fall. All the poem make think tank come to conclusion that earthling are planing to attack them. Think tank immediately orders noodle to prepare a space capsual.

The historian who is the spokesman of the play is very happy at the earth being saved by the book. Great and mighty think tank had been replaced by a very cleaver martain.


Q.1. Noodle avoids offending think-tank but at the same time he corrects his mistakes. hoe does he manege to do that ?

Ans- Think tank is a great and mighty character who is commander-in-chief. He is taken to be the most powerful and intelligent creature.

Noddle is a very cleaver creature. He knows that think thnk being commander-in-cheif has to be obeyed. There is no escape from his clutches. So very cleverly, Noddle keeps on praising think tank and also passing sarcastic remarks. The adjective used by noodle make the situation all the more exaggrerated.

Q.2. If you were in noddle’s place, how would you handle think tank’s mistakes ?

Ans. If you were in noddle, I would not have been able to praise think tank for no reason. His behaviour might have turned the situation into a conflict. It is a very difficult to act like noodle who is the best flatterer in the play.

Q.3. Do you thinks books are being replace by the electronic media . Can we do away with books altogether ?

Ans. With the growth in science and onset of computer, Books seem to be dwindling. At time we feel that electronic media and means of communication have replaced books. But when we try to think over it, We find this an companion. They are our trustworthy friend and stand by us. We have depend on books for our strength and wisdom. So we can never imagine our life without books.

Q.4. Why are books referred to as a man’s best companion ? Which in your favourite book and why ? Write a paragraph about that book .

Ans. Books are regarded as the best friend as they have more patience than human beings. We can visit any country , Talk to anybody , Fly to any height through book. Books are those companions which never desert us when we fell prey to bed time. They are constant source of our happiness.

I have always enjoyed reading books and till know I have read innumerable books. But the book which haas left deep impect on my mind is “The wing of fire” . This book is the autobiography of our president Dr. Abdul kalam. It gives such a joy to know that how a simple boy rose to become the president of india. No agle of his life has been left untouched. Very minute details are included , Which make the work very intresting.


Q.1. In what ways does think-tank misinterpret innocent nursery rhymes as threats to the martains ? Can you think of any incidents where you misinterpreted a word or an action ? How did you resolve the misunderstanding ?

Ans. Think tank interprets the rhymes in a complete verble manner. He does not go into the depth of the words and the context in which they are used. The rhyme mistress merry makes him ponder over the discovery of the earth. He is shocked to know that earthlings here combined agriculture and mining.

The other rhyme ‘Hey diddle , diddle…..’ makes think-tank more alarmed. He is surprised to find that earthling have reached a high level of civilization. He hears ‘Humpty Dumpty’ …… And sees his picture. Is it similer to his. From this he concludes that the earthling are after his life and mars.

Such and incident occurred with me when I did not know any meaning of phrases. I had a fight with my brother and he shouted at me saying “Empty vessels make much noise.” I could not understand anything and started hitting all the empty vessels. In the process many vessels broke and later I realised my foolishness.

Q.2. The ailens in this play speak english. Do you think this is their language ? What could be the language of the aliens ?

Ans- The aliens in this play speak english which seems to be quite impossible. Their language could be anything but not any language find in this world. It may be code words.

Q.1. How did one old book of nursery rhymes save the world from a martain invaison ?

After reading the verses of nursery rhymes think tank the commander-in-chief of mars assumed that the earthling had reached a high level of civilization. The earthling had discovered the way to continue agriculture and mining and could grow crops of rare metals like silver. They had also taught their domesticated animals such as cows musical culture and space techniques. After reading the nursery rhyme humpty dumpty and seeing the picture of Humpty Dumpty Think tank was sure that the earthling had seen him and were preparing to capture mar’s central control and him So he orders the invasion fleet to evacuate the entire planet of mars and in this way the world is saved from a martain invasion.

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