THE HACK DRIVER Read and find out :-1

Q-1- Why is the lawyer sent to new mullion ? What does he first think about the place ?

Ans- He had been sent to new mullion to serve summons on a men named oliver lutkens. When he reached there he was disappointed to find streets were rivers of mud, With rows of wooden shops.

Q-2- Who befriends him ? Where does he take him ?

Ans- the hake driver who is actully lutkins befriends him. He takes him to the beineke’s Gustaff’s barber shop.

Q-3- What does he say about lutkins ?

Ans- He says that lutkins never pays anybody a cent. He is not actually bad but it is hard to make him part with his money.

Read and find out :-

Q-1- What more does bill say about lutkins and his family ?

Ans- Bill says that oliver’s mother was a terror. She was about nine feet tall and four feet thick and quick as a cat.

Q-2- Does the narrator serve the summons that day ?

Ans- No, the narrator was not able to serve the summon that day. In fact it was hack driver who misguided the lawyer and led him on the wrong path.

Q-3- Who is lutkins ?

Ans- Lutkins is a middle aged person from new mullion town. He is the prime witness in a law case.


After graduation with honours, the narrator became a junior assistent clerk in a magnificent law firm. His duty was to serve summons . One day the summons on Mr. Lutkins. He was needed as a witness in a law suit and he had ignored all their latters.

When the lawyer got down the train, He saw a delivery man at the station he was very friendly and liked people. He told him that he wanted a men named oliver lutkins. He had to serve a summons on him. The delivery man said that he saw him around there an hour ago. It hard to catch him. He asked the young men if he was in a hurry about locating lutkins. He said that he wanted to catch the afternoon train back to the city.

The deliverymen offered him his hack to find out lutkins. He haired the hack two dollars an hour. It seemed that the hack driver had alredy made it his own task to find oliver lutins for him.

They drove to almost all place in the town. The hack driver told the lawyer that people called him as bill. He seemed to admire Lutkin’s talent for dishonesty. they pursued lutkins, Just behind him but never catching him. It was past one ‘ o clock. The lawyer was hungry and wanted to have lunch at a restaurant. But bill went his home and asked his wife to pack lunch. They went on a hill top. They enjoyed both the lunch and the view around.

Then they went to the farmyard of lutkins mother. They met an enormous and cheerful old women. She was lutkins mother. was found of swearing. She threatented them for their life. It was time The lawyer paid him and caught the train to the city.

When the lawyer informed the office that he could not locate lutkins, The chief ordered him to go back to new mullion. A men who had work with lutkins accompained him to new mullion. When they arrived at the station they found bill and lutkins mother talking and laughing there.

The men pointed the young lawyer that bill himself was lutkins. Then the lawyer served summons lutkins and his mother laughted at him.

The Hack Driver Writer- Sinclair Lewis


Q-1- Write a character sketch of the hack driver ?

Ans- Introduction:- The hack driver , Who was lutkins himself was a very cunning and cleaver person.

HIS QUALITIES :- He was good at decevisingpeople and he made a complet fool of the narrator. He admires lutkin’s talent for dishonesty. He was infect full of the narrator. He admires lutkin talent for dishonesty. He was infact full of praise for this trait that he himself possessed.

He was a hard fellow to catch and due to his intelligence he always evaded being caught. He felt not the least regret in making a fool of the narrator and later had the audacity to even laugh at the narrator for his foolishness.

CONCLUSION :- He takes the narrator who came to serve summons on luktin’s but he did not find him.

Q-2- Why was the narrator sent to new mullion ? Did the succeed in his mission ? Why/why not ?

Ans- INTRODUCTION :- The narrator was sent to new mullion to serve summons on a men called oliver lukins.

The search :- This men was needed as a witness in a law cause and he had ignored all the summoen letters. But the narrator was not successfull in his who said in his mission.

On reaching new mullion the narrator was befriended by a men eho said his name was bill. He was a hack driver who offered to help the narrator in finding Lutkins but they could not find him.

CONCLUSION :- In reality , This hack driver , Bill was lutkins himself. He made a complete fool of the narrator quite easily.

Q-3- How did the hack driver sketch the character of lutkins ?

Ans:- The hack driver told the narrator the following things about lutkins :

(i) He had seen lutkins around – here about an hour ago. He is a hard fellow to catch because he up to something or other.

(ii) Lutkins is probably trying to start up a paper game in the back of fritz shop. He knows most of the places lutkins hangs out.

(iii) Lutkins never pays anybody a cent. He still owes the hac k driver fifty cents on a poker game.

(iv) Lutkins is not really bad, But it is hard to make him part with his money. He is good at deceving people.

(v) The hack driver consclude that since Lutkins had exhausted his credit at gustaffi he had proabably gone to gray’s for a shave.

Q-4- How did the people at the law firm receive the narrator ? Why was he sent back to new mullion ? Who went with him ?

Ans- The people at the law firm were very upset with the narrator.

The narrator had come without lutkins. The next morning the case was coming in up in the court. The narrator was branded as a shameful , useless fool. His promising legal career almost came to an end , even before it had begun. The chief nearly murdered the narrator. He hinted that the narrator might do well at digging ditches. So he was ordered to back to new mullion immediately.

This time a man who had worked with lutkins was sent with the narrator lest he should return without lutkins once again.


Q-1 Who was the hack driver ? What really hurt the feelings of the narration . ?

Ans The hack driver was non other than Oliver Lutkins himself. What really hurt the felling of the narrator was then when he served the summons, Lutkins and his mother laughed him as though he were a bright boy of seven.

Q-2 Why did the narrator not like the job ?

Ans The narrator was a low graduate. He was send to serve summons like a cheap private detective and had to go to dirty and shadowy corners of the city to seek out his victims. At limes he got even beaten up in the process of this unpleasant work.

Q-3 Why was the narrator happy to go to New Mullion ? Why did he go there ?

Ans The narrator `was fed up with city life. He himself belonged to a village. He was therefor happy to go to New Mullion. He went there to serve a summons for a man called Oliver Lutkins.

Q-4 Why were the hack driver and the narrator unable to find Lutkins ?

Ans The hack driver, who had been driving around with the narrator to locate Lutkins, was non other then Lutkins himself. He had taken advantage of the fact that the narrator did not recognise him. He was enjoying fun at the narrator’s expense. So they were unable to find Lutkins.


Q-1 Who befriended the narrator when he went to New Mullian ? Where did he take him ?

Ans A hack driver called Bill befrinded the narrator when he want to New mullion. He took him around the village.

Q-2 Why was the narrator send back to New Mullion ? Who went with him ?

Ans The narrator was send back to new Mullion because the case was coming up in the court the next morning. He was therefore ordered to go back to New Mullion along with a man who had worked with Lutkins and recognised him .

Q-4 How did Bill describe Lutkins mother ?

Ans Bill described Lutkins mother as a terror. She is about nine feet tall and four feet thick and quick as a cat.


Q-1 When the lawyer reached New Mullion, did ‘Bill’ Know that he was looking for Lutkins ? When do you think Bill came up with his plan for fooling the lawyer ?

Ans When the lawyer reached New Mullion Bill did not Know that the lawyer was finding Lutkins. He meet the lawyer revealed that he was looking for Lutkins he at once made up his mind to be fool him .

Q-2 What do you think Lutkins’ neighbours were anxious to meet the lawyer ?

Ans The neighbours were very anxious to meet the lawyer because he was a lawyer. A lawyer is supposed to be intelligent and clever. But Lutkins deceived such a man. This was really superb of him. So they were anxious to see such a lawyer being befooled.

Q-3 After his first day’s experience with the hack driver the lawyer think of returning to New Mullion to practise law. Do you think he would have reconsidered this idea after his second visit ?

Ans During the first visit the narrator was fully satisfied with his visit to New Mullion. He was deeply impressed by the twon nad dicided to settle there. In his second visit, the young lawyer learnt that the Hack driver was Lutkins himself. He was hurt to find that Lutkins’s mother was there talking and laughing with Bill, not quarrelling at all.

They laughed at him as if he were a boy of seven. He realised that people of New Mullion were dishonest. So he decided never to visit New Mullion again.

Q-4 Do you think the lawyer was gullible ? How could he have avoided being thaken for a rider ?

Ans- lawyer has just graduated from law institution. When he was send to serve summons on a man named Lutkins, he had this unpleasant work. He never worked very hard to find out the details of his victims. When he was send to New Mullion, he was very excited.

But on reaching there his expectation was shattered. But it is very strange to find that he easily believed the Hack driver. He should have talked to more people rather then enjoy whole day at the expense of the firm. Such behaviour is really gullibe. In fact he behaved in a timid manner.

He stood hidden behind the hack driver and did not even try to talkk once to the villagers. So the lawyer was responsible for being carried away so easily.

Talk about it

Q-1- Do you come a cross persons like lutkins only in fiction or do we encounter them in real life as well ? You can give examples from fiction, Or narrate an incident that you have read in the newspaper, Or an incident from real life.

Ans- Lutkins is a character of flesh and blood. Such character are very common in life. In fact they are worse then robbers. Robbers at least are not deceptive.

A character like litkins was of charles shobhraj. We had often red about is chrles sobhraj. He had such a sharp brain that he even maneged to sell historical buildings. The governments of so many countries were after himbut in vain. Today even after his death so many government are working to find his crimes.

Q-2- Who is a ‘con man’ or a confidence trickster ?

Ans- In the story the hack driver is a con man is will as a confidence trickster.

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