The Hundred Dresses Part-1 || Class-10th Summary Of The Chapter_5

The Hundred Dresses Part 1 Questions And Answers, SUMMARY

The Hundred Dresses Part 1
The Hundred Dresses Part 1


Wanda Petronski was a poor Polish girl. She lived on boggins heights. She joined an American school. She was different from other girls in many ways. Her name was uncommon. She was a quick girl and had no friends. She wore the same pale blue dress everyday.

wanda used to sit in the corner on last but one seat of the classroom where noisy and roguh boys who get low mark sat. There was a lot of dirt mud and scuffling of feet in that erea.

Peggy and Maddie were close friends. Peggy was pretty, had curly hair and wore beautiful dresses she was the most liked girl of Wanda’s class She often made fun of Wanda by asking her question about her hundred dresses in a polite voisce

Maddie wanted Peggy to stop teasing Wanda but she could never muster courage to tell her this. She used to feel uncomfortable for than. Perhaps it reminded for of her own poverty.

Wanda though a quiet girl was quiet vocal about her hundred dresses. She told the girls that her dresses were made of velvet or silk. All had different colours and designs. She specially mentioned her two dresses – one pale blue with coloured trimings and the other bright, green and red dash .

Wanda’s absence from school was not noticed for two days but on the third day peggy and Maddie who missed the fun of laughing at her. waited for her at the corner of the Oliver Street where they used to meet her on their way to school . But Wanda did not turn up and they got late for school.

Next day Peegy and Maddie did not wait for Wanda. They never wanted to be late for the school because they were anxious to know the result of the competition. It was announced that day.

As they entered their classroom they stopped. Hundred drawings of bright, beautiful and differently designed dresses were displayed all over the room. Every one who entered the room murmured with admiration.

Miss Mason announced the result. Among the boys, Jack Boggles had won and among the girls special applause (though she was not present to enjoy it. ) She had subimitted 100 sketches and each sketch was worth of winning the best prize.


Q-1 Who were Peggy and Maddie ? What was their relationship with each other ?

Ans Peggy and Maddie were Wanda’s classmate. They were close friends.

Q-2 Where did they sit in the class ?

Ans They sat in the front with children who scored good marks.

Q-3 Why were they late to school on Wednesday ?

Ans They were waiting on their way to school for Wanda who did not turn up that day.

Q-4 Why did they late to school on Wednesday ?

Ans they wanted to have fun with Wanda.

Q-5 What does the expression-‘to have fun with her’ imply here ?

Ans Here it implies that they wanted to make fun of Wanda and enjoy themselves.

Q-6 Why did wanda come to school all alone and back home all alone ?

Ans As she had no friend she used to come all alone to school and to back home

Q-7 Describe the dress she wore everyday .

Ans Everyday she wore a faded blue dress that was clean but never ironed properly. It did not fit her well

Q-8 What did they talk about ?

Ans They talked about the hundred dresses that Wanda said she had.

Q-9 “Blue dress that didn’t hang right ” -What does hang right imply here ?

Ans It means the blue dress which did not fit her properly.

Q-10 Which word in the passage mean-‘a gentle push ‘ ?

Ans Nudge .


Q-1 Why did Maddie wish Peggy to stop teasing Wanda ?

Ans In her heart, she equated her position with that of Wanda. Since she herself was poor. When Wanda was teased , she felt the pinch .

Q-2 When two special dresses did she mention that she seems to like most ?

Ans She talked specially about her two dresses, one was pale blue with coloured trimmings and the other was a brilliant jungle green with red sash .

Q-3 How did the girls appreciate her green dress with red sash ? Where they sincere in their appreciation ?

Ans They said that she would look like a Christmas tree in it . Their appreciation was not real because they thought that such a dress did not exist and Wanda was only telling them about an imaginary dress.

Q-4 Where in the classroom does Wanda sit and why ?

Ans Wanda used to sit in the next to the last seat in the past row in room No. 13 in the corner wheres the rough boys who did not make good marks used to sit on that seat, may be because she used to come from Boggins Heights and her feet were cooked with dry mud .

Q-5 When and why do Peggy and Maddie notice Wanda’s absence ?

Ans Peggy and Maddie noticed Wanda’s absence on the third day of her absence when they waited for her to have some fun with her but she didn’t turn up.

Q-6 in what way was Wanda differnt from the other children ?

Ans Wanda was different from the other children as she did not have any friends , she had a funny name, she come to school and went back home all alone, she always wore a faded blue dress that didn’t hang right and never been ironed properly. She liked watching small girls playing hop – scotch.

Q-7 Did Wanda have a hundred dresses ? why do you think she said she did ?

Ans No, Wanda did not have a hundred dresses rather she had only one faded blue dress which was never ironed and that didn’t hang right.

But she did not speak a lie as she had drawn the sketches of one hundred designs.

Q-8 Why is Maddie embarrassed by the questions Peggy asks Wanda ? Is she also like Wanda or is she different ?

Ans Maddie felt embarrassed by the questions Peggy used to ask wanda because she was also poor and used to wear somebody’s hand-me-down clothes.

She was not like Wanda rather was different because she didn,t have a funny name. She was not as poor as Wanda. Moreover if such quesitions were asked from her as were asked from Wanda, she would never say she had a hundred dresses.

Q-9 why didn’t Maddie ask Peggy to stop teasing Wanda ? What was she afraid of ?

Ans Peggy was the best friend of Maddie. She didn’t want to loose her friend by asking her so . Secondly, Maddie was also poor and she thought if she would ask Peggy to stop teasing Wanda then she would by the next target to be teased by and other girls.

Maddie was afraid to by the next target for Peggy and the girls. She was afraid of the question Peggy would ask her regarding her dresses as she used to wear the old dresses of Peggy .

Q-10 Who did Maddie think would win the drawing contest ? Why ?

Ans Maddie thought Peggy would win the drawing contest as she drew better than anyone else in the room. She could copy picture in a magazine or some film star’s head so that one could almost tell who it was .


Q-1 How is Wanda seen as different by the other girls ? How do they treat her ?

Ans Wanda is seen as different by the other girls. Because first she had a funny name, secondly, she was poor and lived at Boggins Heights and her shoes wee usually caked with dry mud.

The girls used to make fun of her. They used to stand in groups and ask her about her dresses.

Q-2 How does Wanda feel about the dresses game ? Why does she make up the story about the dresses ?

Ans- Wanda did not feel bad about the dreeses game. she used to answer the girls questions stolidly, every time they asked her. she made up the story about the dresses because she had disind a hundred dress and she had piled all of them in her closet. so,

acorrding to her sytory ,the her story , the hundread dresses she used to till lined up in her clost were the hundred desings of the dresss she had drown.

Q-3- Why does maddie stay by and not do anything ? How is she diffrrent from peggy ? (Was peggy friendship important to maddie ? WHY which lines in the text tell you this ?

Ans- Maddie stood by and did not did anything because she didnt want to loss her only best friend peggy morever

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