The Making Of a Scientist Summary Of The Chapter-6

Read and find out-1

Q-1- How did a book become a turning point in richard ebright’s life ?

Ans- The book “The travel of monarch X’ became a turning point in his life. It told him how monarch butterflies migrated to centrel america and new world of science was opend before him.

Q-2- How did his mother help him ?

Ans- His mother encouraged his intrest to learn to took him on trips, bought him telescope , microscope , cameras , mountaring materials and other equipment that helped him in many ways.

Read and find out – 2

Q-1- What lesson does ebright learn when he does not win anything at a science fair ?

Ans- When ebright does not win anything at a science fair , He learns that winner had tride to show real experiments.

Q-2- What experiments and projects does he then undertake ?

Ans- He decided to do a real experiment. He tride to find the cause of viral disease that kills nearly all monarch caterpillars every few years. Then he begain his research into discovery of an unknown insect monarch.

Q-3- What are the qualities that go into the making of a scientist ?

Ans- There are many qualities that go into making of a scientist. Rechard ebright became a scientit. He had a first-rate mind with curiocity and mix in the will to win for the right reason.


At the age of 22 Richard ebright formed a new theory on how cells work. He started his experiments with butterflies. He had to stop many of his childhood activities.

His mother always encouraged him. She was his best companion who bought all kinds of instruments needed. Mother also brought ” The travels of monarch X” Which also opened the world of science.

Ebright caught a female monarch, Took her egs and raised them through life cycle. As required he lost intrest in in tagging butterflies.

In seventh grade he lost on his slide of frog tissues. He relised that real experiments were needed. Then ebright worked to find the cause of viral diseases that killed monarch caterpillers. this theory led testing viceroy buttrflies copy monarches. his project which concluded that cells would devide and develop into normal butterfly wing if fed on the hormone from gold spots.

While talking x-ray photos of structure of hormone, DNA blue print for life was discoverd, this theory was a big step to understand process of life.

A part from being a scientist, rechard Ebright became a champion debator, public speaker and good canoeist. He also became expart photographer of nature. Mr. weiherer was his social studies teacher.

First rate mind curiocity and mix in the will to win to win opened the world of science for him.


Q-1- What are the qualities that go into the making of a scientist ? Do you find these qualities in rechard ebright ?

Ans- Following are the qualities that go into the making of the scientist :

“Start with a first rate mind, add curiocity , and mix in the will to win for the right reosons.”

Ebright has these qualities. From the time the book “The travels of Monarch X’ Opened the world of science to him, RIchard Ebright has never lost his scientific curiocity.”

Richard ebright has been intrested in science sence he first began collection of butterflies. He made servel experiments and reserch on monarch butterflies butterfliesand won a number of prizes at the fairs of science both at county fairs and international fairs. His teacher Mr weiherer said, “Richard was compatative, But not in a bed sence.” He explained, “Richard was’t intrest in winning for winning sake or winning to get a prize. Rather, He was winning because he wanted to do the best job he could. For the right reasons. He wants to be the best.”

This is one of the ingrideants in the making of a scientist.

Q-2- Richard ebright has been interested in science . What are other spheres of his interest ?

Ans- INTRODUCTION :- Richard ebright has been intrested in science. But it does not mean that he has’t time for other interests.

HIS OTHER SPHERES OF INTEREST : Ebright because a champion debator he was also a public speaker. He did not leave the sport sphere. Ebright was good canoeist. He was all around outdoors persons. He was also an expert photographer , Particularly of nature and scientific exhibits.

In high school rechard ebright turned a lot of his energy towards the debating and model united nations club. Ebright admired his solid studies teacher who was adviser to both the clubs and who opend his mind to new ideas.

CONSCLUSION :- Ebright put in three or four hours at night doing debate reserch beside doing all his reserch with butterflies and his other intrerests.


Q-1- But there was one thing I could do collect things.” What collection did ebright make ? When did he start making collection ?

Ans- Ebright was only child in north of reading, Pennsylvania. He could not play football or baseball with a team of one . He collected butterflies rocks,Fossiles and coins . He begain it in kindergarten.

Q-2- What lesson did ebright learn when he did not win anything at a science fair ?

Ans- When ebright did not win anything at a science fair , He realized what real science was all about. He understood the importance of real experiments.

Q-3- How did a book became a turning point in rechard ebright’s life ?

Ans- A childern books called the trevels of monarch X told how monarch butterflies migrate to centrel america. It opened the world of science to the eager young richard ebright.

Q-4- What are the qualities that go into the making of scientist ?

Ans- Start with a first rate mind, add curiosity , and mix in the will to win for the right reasons.


Q-1- Which book became a turning point in richard ebright’s life ?

Ans- The childern book called the travels of Monarch X became a turning point in richard ebright’s life.

Q-2- Where did richard ebright grow up ? What did he play with his companies ?

Ans- Richard ebright grew up north of reading , Pennsylvania. He was the only child there. He had no companions to play with.

Q-3- What mishap happened with richard ebright when he was in third grade ?

Ans- When richard ebright was in third grade, His father died . Now his mother was only his companion.

Q-4- WHat was the achivement of richard ebright by the time he was in the second grade ?

Ans- By the time richard ebright was in the second grade ,He had collected all Twenty-Five species of butterflies found around his home town.

Think About it

Q-1- How can one became a scientist, an economist, a historian…… ? Does it simply involve reading manybooks on the subject ? Does it involve observing, Thinking and doing experiments.

Ans- Science is something which involves experiments, enalysis and consclusions. By simply reading we can just get the facts but cannot get to know the reason behind a particualr result. Many diseases which were thought to be incureble in the past have been overcome by means of scientific inventions and discoveries.

Subjects like economics or history may not be regarded as science in vague terms. But if we go deep in these subjects, We find that economics and history is a science of human behaviour. It is the experiment which enables us to form scientific theory.

Q-2- You must have read about cells and DNA in your science book. Discuss richard ebright’s work in the light of what you have studied. If you get an opportunity to work like rechared ebright on projects and experiments, Which field would you like to work on and why ?

Ans- I have studied something about cells and DNA in my science book. Rechard Ebright’s reserch is very important. It shall let the scientist know the origins of disease etc. The field of experiments of cells is very vast. If I get an opportunity to work like ebright, I shall take up this field for the welfare of humanity.

Talk about it

Q-1- Children every where wonder about the world around them. The questions they ask are the beginning of scientific inquiry. Given below or some questions children in india have asked proffeser yash pal and dr. Rahul pal as reported in their book, ‘Discoverded Questions’

(1) What is DNA Fingerprinting ? What are its uses ?

Ans- DNA carries genetic information to each living being. DNA is inherited from our parents. DNA fingerprinting in important in forensic department. Even from a single hair or a drop of blood DNA can help us to find out the true culprit.

(2) How do honeybees identify their own honeycomes ?

Ans- Honeybees use such a single guide. They also appear to have a good memory. They try to find through the cleaver dance launguage. The dance indicates the direction and distance of the food source. Thus they have a well devloped direction finding mechanism and a way of reckoning distance.

(3) Why does rain fall in drops ?

Ans- Rain is formed as a result of condensation of vapour when air is cooled below the dew point. The raindrop start out as tiny ice crystals and on the way they collect moisture. The crystals and change into water droplets and fall on the ground as drops.

Q-2- You also must have wondered about certain things around you. Share these questions with you r class, and try and answer them.

Ans- There are many questions which are a question which are a question of worry for me. Some of them are as follows

(i) Is there any material which does not burn in fire ?

(ii) Why do rain bearing clouds apear black ?

(ii) Why do some people snort during sleep ?

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