THE MIDNIGHT VISITOR Summary Of The Chapter-3 Question Answers

Read and find Out-1

Q-1 How is Ausable different from other secret agents ?

Ans. Ausable is a secret agent. But he is too much fat. His accent is not proper. He appears to be completely different from other secret agents.

Q-2 Who is fowler and what is his first authentic thrill of the day ?

Ans. Fowler is a writer. He wants to meet Ausable to cover him up for writing. His first authentic thrill of the day is that he out witted Ausable in a simple way.

Read and find Out-2

Q-1 How has max got in ?

Ans. Max has used a pass key to enter Ausable’s room in his absence. He wants to get a report on some new missiles.

Q-2 How does Ausable say he got in ?

Ans. Ausable says that Max got in his room through an ordinary window in the balcony. He would complain against it to the hotel authorities.


Ausable was a secret agent. He had room on the sixth and top floor of a gloomy French hotel. Flower was a writer. He was young and romantic. He wished to meet aushable to know something about the the life of a secret agent.

They spent a dull evening in a french music hall. Then they go on the sixth floor of the hotel where aushable had the room. Aushable told fowler that he should be cheerful. He was going to have an important paper soon. That was a report for which several men and women had risked their lives. That report might well affect the cource of history some day.

Ausable unlocked the door of his room and switched on the light. When fowler was in , Aushable closed the door behind him . When their was light in the room, Fowler had a real thrill of the day. He saw a men standing at the centri of the room with a pistol in his hand.

The other men was also a secret agent . His name was max. He demanded aushable to hand him over the report concerning some new missiles.

Ausable sat on an armchair and said that he was going to fight with the maneger of the hotel . He had promised to block off the balcony but he did’t through this balcony a second men had entered his room during this month max told him that he did’t come through the balcony . He had no knowladge of the balcony. He had a pass key

Then there is a knock at the door of the room. Fowler jumped at the sudden knocking. Asuble said that would be police. He had asked them to check on him to make sure everything was all right because the report was very important. Asuble asked max what he would do then. He was nervous.

Meanwhile there was another knock. Max asked asuble to send them away , he would wait on the balcony. Then there was louder knocking and a voice was calling asuble.

Max came on the window sill and dropped himself down. He screamed shirlly because there was not any balcony. Then there was louder knocking and a voice was calling ausable.

Max came on the window sill and dropped himself down. He screamed shirrly because there was not any balcony. Max had jumped on the road below.

The door opened and a waiter entered with a tray of drink. Thye waiter henry opend the bottel and went away. There was no police either.

Ausable had concocted the story of balcony and the police to get rid of max.


Q-1- Ausable wins over a very critical situtation by his sheer presence of mind without using any physical force. Justify gibing example from the text ?

Ans- Ausable was a secret agent. He had stayed in a french hotel. He had to receive a quite important paper concerning some new missiles

He opened his room and closed the door behind him. Then he swithched on the light. He saw max, Another secret agent, with a small automatic pistol in his hand. He invented two situation to solve the problem the- exiestence of balcony with the window and the arrival of police.

There was a knock at the door. Ausable stood to open the door saying that it was the police who had come to check on him. He asked max to jump out of the window into the balcony. Actully there was no balcony. Max fell down with a thud , Thus lading to his end. Ausable did not use any kind of physical force to get rid of max.

Q-2- We need intelligence more then physical strenght in a difficult situation. How is it proved true in the story, ” The midnight visitor” ? Write your answer in about 100 words , giving instance from the text ?

Ans- There is no doubt that intelligence is more essential than physical unassuming to get out of a difficult situation. Asuable an unimpressive and unassuming man had totally disapointed fowler because of his apperance.

Asuable did not fit into the discription of a secret agent because he was fat and looked sluggish. But ausable alertness and preance of mind was unmatched when they were caught in a difficult situation.

His intelligence proved to fowler that apperence can be mesleading and one can never judge a person on the basis of his looks.

Q-3- What impression do you from of ausable as a secret agent after reading the story , ” The midnight visitor ”

Ans- Though ausable apperence did not match that of a secret agent and he did not really fit the discription of one, He was indeed a very intelligent and smart agent .

Fowler to could not imagine that a secret agent would be so very fat like ausable and would hire on dingy small room but even he could not deny that in a dificult situation ausable had a graet presence of mind and was very alert.

Q-4- How did aushable get rid of max ?

Ans- aushable had a great presence of mind. His level; of alertness was at its best even in the most difficult situation.

Ausable made max belive that their was a balcony below the window of his room. In that very month somebody had got into his room through that balcony.

Ausable had ordered a drink. He knew very well that it was the waitor who had knocked at the door. There was second knock. Max also heard the knocks ausable said that would be the police. He felt he needed extra protection.

He had told the police to check on him to ensure everything was all right max’s face was black with anger. He asked to send them away, He would wait on the balcony.

Max jumped on to the balcony to hide himself .;/ Then an as he dropped, He scremed shirlly. The fall killed max . Thus he got rid of max.


Q-1 Why did max enter ausable’s room ? How did he do so ?

Ans- Max entered ausable room to intimidate him in order to have the important import report concerning new missiles. Max had a duplicate key of Ausable’s room. He opened the room with room with the help of that key.

Q-2 In what way Ausable different from other secret agents ?

Ans Ausable was very fat. He was of short stature. He was sloppy. Ausable and not fit any description of a secret agent. He liked to stay in a small and dingy room of a hotel.

Q-3 Did Ausable know who had knocked at the door ? How did he know ?

Ans Yes, Ausable knew who had knocked at the door. He had ordered for two drinks. It was that waiter who brought the drinks and knocked.

Q-4 Why did fowler want to meet Ausable ? Why was he dissappointed ?

Ans flower was a writer. He wanted to give the description of ausable, a secret agent. He was disappointed to meet ausable. was very fat, short statured and sloppy. He did not fit any description of a secret agent.


Q-1 Why did fowler want to meet ausable ?

Ans fowler was a writer. He wanted to write the description of a secret agent.He therefore wanted to meet ausable.

Q-2 Who was ausable and where did he live ?

Ans Ausable was a secret agent. He lived in a french hotel in a small and dingy room. His room was on the sixth floor, top floor of the hotel.

Q-3 What story did Ausanle tell about the unwelcome guests that extened his room ?

Ans There is a balcony which extends under his window. one can get onto it from the empty room two doors down and somebody came last month.

Q-4 Give the appearance of max, another secret agent in 20-30 words.

Ans Max, another secret agent was slender in body. He was a little less than tall. He had features that suggested slightly the crafty, pointed face of a fox.


Q-1 “Ausable did not fit any description of a secret agent Fowler had ever read.” What do secret agents in class some stories or movies featuring spies, detectives and secret agents, and compare thair appearance with that of ausable in this story.

(You may mention characters from fiction in languages other other then English. In english fiction you may have come across Sherlock Holmes. hercule poirot, or miss marple. Have you watched any movies featuring james bond?)

Ans In my opinion, secret agents in books and films look differently. They have flowing robs and a hat on their head. this hat hides their faces. Then they have very keen and sharp eyes.

The compairson with prominent secret agents like Sherlok Holmes.Hercule poirot or miss marple can be done at class level with the guidance and supervision of the class teacher.

I saw some movies featuring james bond. It is titled 007 james bond. The golden Eye, Tomorrow Never Dies etc.

Q-2 How dose ausable manage to make max believe that there is a balcony attached to his room ? Look back at his detailed description of it. What makes it a convincing story ?

Ans- First, Ausable says that there is a balcony before his room and the other adjoining it. It is the next room. Ausable tells Max that there is a police at send the police bake. He would go and wait on the balcony. But there is no balcony. Max falls down.

Q-3 looking back at the story, when do you think Ausable though up his plan for getting ride of Max ? Do you think he had worked out his plan in detail right from the beginning ? Or did he make up a plan taking advantage of event as they happened ?

Ans- Ausable saw max in his room when he switched on the light. Max had a small automatic pistol in his hand. Ausable felt shocked to see him. He decided there and then to get ride of max.

No, he had not workout his plan in detail right from the beginning. He made the plan there and then when he saw Max there. Max had a pistol in his hand.


Q-1 In this story, Ausable shows great ‘presence of mind’, or the ability to think quickly, and act calmy and wisely, in a situation of danger and surprise, Give examples from your own experience, or narrate a story, which shows someone ‘s presence of mind.

Ans-I remember one similar incident that happened to me. As a little boy I boy I was sleeping in the house. I was sleeping in the house. I was very afraid of ghost and thief.

At midnight there was some sound of utensils from the kitchen. It was quite near my room. I was greatly scared. but the sound continued. After a few moments I heard the movement of footsteps on the floor. I do not know what happened to me then.

I got up silently and held the leg of the thief tightly. I dug may seat into his calf. Actually when come out of my bed, I saw the leg in the moon rays over there. My parents came shouting “a thief, a thief’. They applauded me.

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