The Necklace Class 10th Summary Of The Lesson-7_Question Answer

The Necklace READ AND FIND OUT -1

Q-1 What kind of a person is Mme Loisel-why is always unhappy ?

Ans Madam Loisel is a pretty young lady. She is always dissatisfied with her life. She was married with a clerk. give much importance to her dreams. She always overlooks the realities of life. So, she is always dissatisfied because dreams can’t be turned as reality.

Q-2 What kind of a person is her husband ?

Ans Her husband is very simple person. He loves her wife whole-heartedly. He is a caring husband. He wants to see Mrs Loisel happy.


Q-1 What fresh problem now Mme Loisel ?

Ans Now the fresh problem is the Mme Loisel doesn’t have a good and proper dress for party.

Q-2 How is the problem solved ?

Ans The problem is solved when her husband gives her four hundred france. This sum was for to buy a good dress.


Q-1 What do M and Mme Loisel next ?

Ans Mr and Mme Loisel decided to borrow a diamond necklace. It is from her friend.

Q-2 How do they replace the necklace ?

Ans To return lost necklace both of them had to work hard. They borrowed money and even used the money left by Mr. Loisel’s father. The necklace was bought for 36,000 francs and given back to Mrs. Forestier.


Matilda was a very pretty young lady. She was born as if through an error of destiny, into a family of clerks. She was married to a petty clerk in the office of the Board of Education. She was simple, but she was not happy.

One evening her husband returned elated bearing in his hand a large envelop. He said, “Here is something for you “. She quickly drew out a printed card which read : “The Minister of Public Insturtud and Madame George Ramponneau ask the honour of M and Mme Loisel’s company Monday evining,

January 18, at the Minister’s reidence.” It did not delight her. she looked at him with an irritated eye and said, “What do you suppose I have to wear to such a thing as that ?”

Her husband gave her four hundred francs for the costume. Her dress was neared ready but she was vexed not to have a jewel.

on the advice of her husband she borrowed a necklace from her friend Madame Forestier who studied with her in the college.

The day of the bad arrived. Mme Loisel was a great success. She danced with enthusiasm, intoxicated with pleasure. She won a lot of admiration.

They returned home about four o’clock in the morning. She removed the wraps from her shoulders before the glass. Suddenly she screamed. Her necklace was not around her neck.

They locked for the necklace everywhere but they didn’t get it. It was decided that they must replace that jewel.

They found a chaplet of diamonds in a shop. It was valued at forty thousand francs. But They could get it for thirty-six thousand. Loisel had eighteen thousand france. He borrowed the rest from lenders.

Mme Loisel went to Mme Forestier and returned the jewel. But the latter did not perceive it and kept the box as such.

This event changed the life of the Loisels. they worked hard and repair the debt in ten years.

One sunday Mme Loisel came across Mme forestier in a park. She approached Mme Forestier, :Good morning, jeanne.” She was surprised to see a changed Matilda. And she said that her necklace was false and it was not worth over five hundred france.


Q-1 What kind of a person is matilda ? Why is she always unhappy ?

Ans. Introduction : Matilda was a pretty young lady born by an error of destiny, into the family of clerks.

Why always unhappy : Since she had no dowry and no hopes of being married to a rich man, she allowed herself to be married to a petty clerk. She was simple but she was always unhappy.

she suffered because she felt she was born for luxuries which she could never think of indulging in. She suffered from her poverty and whenever she returned after visiting her rich friend Mme forestier she wept from despair and disappointment because Matilda had neither the frocks nor the jewellery her friend possessed.

Q-2 “At the end of ten years, they had restored all.”What had matilda and her husband restored and at what cost ?

Ans. Matilda lost the diamond necklace at the ball. When the necklace could not found, her husband decided that they must replace the necklace. He borrowed eighteen thousand francs from the usurers.

matilda and her husband had restored the loan they had taken for replacing Mme forestier’s necklace at the end of ten years. Matilda had to know the horrible life of necessity. She did her part heroically to pay thise frightful debt.

They sent away tha maid and rented some rooms in an attic. Her husband worked in the evenings and often at night also. Matilda washed dishes, soiled linen and became a strong, hard and crude woman of a poor household.

They had restored all at the cost of their happy life, Matilda was too ambitious and brought about their disaster.

Q-3 What changes came in the life style of matilda after she had lost the necklace ?

Ans. Introduction : The loises possessed only eighteen thousand francs. They borrowed the rest of the money to pay a total amount of thirty six thousand francs for the necklace.

Change in the life style : Matilda’s husband made ruinous promises, took money from usurers and the whole race of lenders.

Later, to pay their frightful dept, they played their part completely and heroically. They sent away the maid they changed their lodgings and rented some rooms in an attic.

Matilda learned the ordinary work of the kitchen. She washed the dishes, the soiled linen and clothes.

Her husband worked evenings, putting the books of some merchants in roder.

Conclusion : At night he opten did copying and this kind of miserable life lasted for ten years before they had restored all the money.

Q-4 What was the cause of Mrs matilda’s suffering ?

Ans- The cause of Mrs Matilda’s suffring was the loss of the dimond neckless. It was lost during the ball. Matilda had borrowed the necklace from her friend madame foresiter.

When the neckless could not be found her husband decided to replace it they bought the similer neckless for thirty six thousand france. Loisels possessed eighteen thousand france.

They borrowed eighteen thousand france from the usurers and the whole race of lenders. Now they had to pay the horrible debt. It took them ten years to pay the debt.

The loisels changed their life style. They changed there lodging they sent away the maid. Matilda learned the ordianry work of kitchen. She washed the dishes, The soiled linen and clothes for ten years.


Q-1 What is the twisty at the end of the tale-“The Necklace?

Ans One Sunday Mrs Forestier and Mrs Matilda came across in a park. When Was Matilda related the story of her woes, Mrs Forestier was touched, she replied, “O. My poor Matilda . Mire were false. They were not worth over five hundred francs.”

Q-2 What did Matilda’s husband bring home one evening ? Why was he greatly elated ?

Ans One evening Matilda’s husband brought home an invitation card for Ministerial ball. He was greatly elated because the though it would make Matilda’s dream was fulfilled as she danced, intoxicated with pleasure.

Q-3 What happened at the ball ? Was matilda’s dream fulfilled ?

Ans At the ball Matilda was a great success. She was the prettiest of all. All the men noticed her, asked her name and wanted to be presented. Matilda’s dream was fulfilled as she danced, intoxicated with pleasure.

Q-4 What ruined Matilda-The necklace or her irrational desire ?

Ans It was her irrational dersire that ruined Matilda. This desire made her unhappy and jealous. She lived in a make-belife world. It prompted her to borrow the necklsce thus her irratinal desire ruined Matilda.


Q-1 How did matilda get the jewels to wear at the ball ?

Ans Matilda borrowed the jewels borrow to wear at the ball from her friend Mme forestier.

Q-2 Why did Mme Loisel borrow a necklace from her friend Mme Forestire ?

Ans Mme Loisel had no jewels. She therefore a borrowed a necklace from her friend Mme Forestier .

Q-3 What did Loisels do to replace the necklace ?

Ans Loisels bought another necklace for thirty-six thousand francs to replace the previous one.

Q-4 What did matilda’s husband (Monsieur Loisel ) go out into the cold night minutes after returning from the ball ? Was he successful in his purpoes (errand) ?


Q-1 The course of Loisel’s life changed due to the necklace. Comment.

Ans A tremendous change came in the life style of Loisel. She suffered poverty For ten years after replacing the false necklace with a genuine necklace. They changed their lodging style.

Mme Loisel worked evening and night. They suffered for ten years. Thus a tremendous change came in the life styl of Loisel’s family after the incident.

Q-2 What was the cause of Matilda’s ruin ? How could she have avoided it ?

Ans. Too much ambitious brings about disaster. Mme Matilda was too much ambitious. She brought about her ruin.

Matilda borrowed a super necklace of diamond for the ball from the rich friend Jeanne. That necklace was the cause of Matilda’s ruin at the ball. the loss of the necklace was the cause of Matilda’s ruin.

When Matilda reached her home, she removed the wraps from her shoulders before the glass. suddenly she found he necklace was not around her neck. When they could find the necklace, Matilda wrote to her friend that the clasp of the necklace had been broken and it would take time to return the jewel.

They spent thirty-six thousands francs to buy another necklace. Had she confessed that she had lost the necklace at the ball, she have avoided her ruin.

She hid the truth. She lacked the courage to confess the truth and ruined her life.

Q-3 What would have happened to Matilda if she had confessed to her friend that she had lost her necklace ?

Ans. It needs courage one’s mistake.

If : Matilda would would have saved herself and her husband a great deal of trouble and could have prevented her ruin if only she had the courage the confess to Mme Forestier, that she had lost the necklace. If Matilda had been truthful with Mme Forestier she could have known then that the diamonds were false and would not have gone ahead and replaced

them with real diamonds that cost Matilda her ruin. Matilda could easily have avoided a great deal of misery in her life by her confession. But Matilda chose to hide the truth from her. So she had to face a great of hardships and had to bad a horrible life for ten years.

Matilda was a discontented woman and she lacked the courage to speak the truth.

Q-4 If you were caught in a situation like this, how would you have dealt with it ?

Ans. If i were caught in such a situation I could have confessed before Mme forestier at once. I could have done whatever she had asked me to do.

Talk about it

Q-1 The character in this story speak in English. Do you think this is their language ? What clues are there in the story about the language its characters must be speaking in ?

Ans. The background of the story is English traditions. The story takes place in countryside of France. The traditions and the dress worn by them reflect English tradition. The currency mentioned is Francs. The whole setting of story gives a detailed view of the parties of Paris.

Q-2 Honesty is the best policy.

Ans. This is a very common saying that ‘honesty is the best policay’. There is no doubt in this saying Man’s final goal should be contentment. It is the honest dealing which gives long lasting happiness. We should try to honest in everything.

Q-3 We should be content with what life gives us.

Ans. We should be always content with what life gives us. We should never try to exceed our limit. The contentment is a must life. pomp and show is a wrong nature. Never be a borrower nor a lender.

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