THE PROPOSAL CLASS 10th Questions And Answers Chapter-11

Lomov, a young man comes to his negihbour-chubukov’ s house in a formal dress-wearing jacket and gloves, to propose to his daughter. Father feels very happy and gose to call her daughter .

While nataya, chubukov’s daughter comes. Lomov thinks about his decision to marry. He is 35 years old, a heart patient and also suffering from sleep-sicknees, so, must get marry to lead a quiet and regular life. Nataliya is a good hous keeper, not bad to look at and also educated-would prove good wife to him.

While creating background for proposing natalya, Lomov refers to the oxen meadows a disputed piece of land beetween the lands owned by them. both fall into argument, each claiming ownership over it. father also comes and joins his daughter. in the heat of discussion lomov feels much excited and his heart starts palpitaing badly and he leaves.

As Lomov leaves, the father tells his daughter that he had come to propose to her for marriage. Natalya perhaps loved Lomov in her hart she falls into a fit of hysterics and keeps repeating-“Call him back

Natalya asks to forgiveness and agrees that oxen meadows belonged to him only. Lomov repeast the same story that her aunt’s grandmother had given them to the peasants of her great grandfather to use them free. In return they had to make bricks for her . To divert him she asks when he was going for shooting . This remind Lomov about Guess ,his dog who has become lame.

Natalya says her dog Squeezer is superior to Guess. Contradiction and argumnts start again-the subject was whose dog was superior.

Due to excitement, Lomov,s weak heart starts palpitating agains. he become unconsciouse

As soon as Lomov gains consciousness ,Chubukov gives his daughter,s hand in his hand . Their argument about whose dog is superior still continues.


Q-1 What positive points did Natalya had as a wife ?

Ans She was a good housekeeper, not bed looking and educated.

Q-2 For how long had Lomov been knowing Natalya’s family ?

Ans He had known Natalya’s family since his childhood.

Q-3 How did Lomov because a land owner ?

Ans He inherited the land from his late aunt and her husband .

Q-4 What kind of neighbours were they ?

Ans They were friendly , affectionate and had regard for each other .

Q_5 What reference does Lomov give to prove that they were neighbours ?

Ans That his Oxen Meadows touched their birchwood .

Q-6 What does ‘them’ refer to in the first sentence ?

Ans ‘Them ‘ here refers to the Oxen Meadows.

Q-7 How was Lomov impudent ?

Ans He was offering Natalya her own land as gift .

Q-8 who are Guess and Squeezer ?

Ans Guess and Squeezer and dogs of Lomov and Natalya .

Q-9 Which expression supports that Natalya thinks Lomov is pretending ?

Ans ‘I don’t like people who don’t say what they mean .

`Q-10 What shortcoming has Squeezer ?

Ans Squeezer is ‘overshot’ this is him main shorcoming .


Q-1 What does Chubukov think about Lomov ?

Ans Ivan Lomov comes to see Stepan Chubukov to ask for his daughter ,Natalya hand in marriage. But Chubukov think that Lomov has come to borrow money from his . We know it because Chubukov himself voices this reasons for Lomov coming to met him .

Q-2 Why is Chubukov surprised at Lomov wearing of formal evening dress when Lomov comes to meet him ?

Ans Lomov is Chubukov’s immediate neighbour. He gives Chubukov a surprise visit . So, Chubukov is surprised at his formal evening dress and wonders why Lomov has come in the formal get up to his house even though Chubukov has not invited him for a formal get-together.

Q-3 Why does Chubukov suspect that Lomov has come to borrow money ?

Ans Chubukov suspects that Lomov has come to borrow money as he came before many a time, This is uses polite and flattering word .

Q-4 Why did Chubukov say to Natalya, “Go; there’s a merchant come for his goods ?

Ans Chubukov not want to say that Lomov came for a proposal of marriage with her . He therefore says these words to evade the true intention of lomov .

Q-5 what privilage has lomov since his childhood ?

Ans Lomov says to natalya that he has privilege of knownig her family since his childhood.

Q-6 What is the point which starts quarrel between lomov and natalya ?

Ans Lomov says “My land is a near neighbour of yours. My oxen meadows touch your birchwoods. “The ownership of meadows is the point which starts quarrel between lomov and natalya.

Q-7 Why did the peasants begin to believe that meadows were their own ?

Ans The grandmother of lomov’s aunt gave the meadow for the temporary and free use to the peasants of chuhukov’s grandfather. the peasants used the land for forty years and got accustomed to it as if the meadows were their own.

Q-8 Why does natalya ask chubukov to bring Lomov back ?

Ans chubukov tells natalya that lomov had come with a proposal of marriage with her. she ask her father why he had not told this to her before . so she asks chubukov to bring lomov back.

Q-9 what was lomov’s opinion about squeezer ?

Ans Lomov considered squeezer an overshot, which meant that the dog was a bad hunter . He was dog’s lower jaw shorter than the upper. He thought anybody who had a dog like squeezeer would be found under almost every bust.

Q-10 How dose natalya react to the world ‘proposal’?

When natalya knows that lomov came to parpose to her , she falls into hysterice and cries ‘Fetch him quickly’.


Q-1 What does chubukokov at first suspect that lomov has come for ? is he sincere when he sincere when he says this ? Find reasons for your answer from the play ?

Ans Lomov is a long time wealthy neighbour of chubukov . He came to see chubukov . Lomov was in his evening dress as if he was paying a new year’s eve visit . Lomov said that he had come to him with a request. chubukov had always helped him many a time . lomov had to ask his pardon.

Chubukov suspeced that he had come for money . Lomov said it was only chubukov who alone could help him. chubukov asked lomov not to beat about the bush.

Then lomov said that he had a propsal. He had come to ask the hand of his daughter, Natalya in marriage .

tuse we see chubukov was not sincere in suspecting lomov s coming for borrowing money.

Q-3- Chubukov says of natalya : “………as if she won’t consent !She ‘s in love; egad, she’s like a love sick cat ….. ” Would you agree ? Give reasons for your answer.

Ans chubukov is overjoyed at the proposal of lomov . He prays to god to bless him and natalya. He will go and natasha. Lomov asks if he may of 25 which is the fittest age for marriage. She wants a life patner . on the other hand. word chubukov earnesty desires that his daughter should get married. Lomov is the most suitabl match in every respeact . it is an acceptable fact that natalya loves lomov from the core of her heart lomov and chubukov, both are wealthy and neibours. hence chubukov is cent per cent prepared for thire marriage.

Q-2– give a chracter sketch of lomovo in about 80 word ?

Indroduction :- Lomov is a bachelor of 35 years. He is immadate neighbour of chubukov. Lomov is a a wealthy landdowner. He has a marrige perposel for natlaya. The daughter of chubkov.

QUARELESOME :- There is a quarrel over medos and the dogs bettween lomov and natalya lomov heart stare plapching. He is rigged and is not ready to forgo his point even when natalya ask for forgiveness and agrees to his ownership of oxen meados.

CONCULATION :- The praposel in is danger of being forgotten ammits all this quarlling. But economic good sence ensurce that the purposel it made after all although the quarrilling perhaps continues.

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