Belinda lived in a white house white house with Ink-a black kitten, Blink -a grey mouse, Mustard -a yellow dog and custaed-a dragon.

They all except Custard boasted of thir bravery Belinda was as brave as a barrel of bears, Ink and blink could chase lions down the stairs, Mustard could be as brave a tiger in rage but custard appeared to be a coward because healways cried for a safe cage.

A pirate once entered through the window. All got scared and run away or disappeared except custart who fact him boldly , attacked him , hit him hard with his forceful tail and gobbled every bite on him. All of them felt obliged to custard for saving their lives. But after somtime they started boasting of their bravery again.


Q-1 Name the poem and the poet ?

Ans- This stanza has been taken from the poem “The Tales of custard-The Dragon “written by qgden nash.

Q-2 Where did belinda live ?

Ans- Belinda lived in a littel white house.

Q-3 Name her two pets ?

Ans- These were a blake kittten and a littel grey mouse.

Q-4 Trace a word that means ‘realty’ ?

Ans- reality = realio.

Q-5 Write down the name of the kitten ?

Ans- It was Ink.

Q-6 What was the name of grey mouse ?

Ans- The name of grey mouse was blink.

Q-7 what was the name of little dog ?

Ans- the name of little dog was mustard.

Q-8 Trace a word that means ‘brown’ in colour ?

Ans- brown colour = Grey.

Q-9 Who was custard ? Write his one quality ?

Ans- custard was a dragon. He has big sharp teeth.

Q-10 what was beneath his body ?

Ans- Its body had scales.

Q-11 Who are the characters in this stanza ?

Ans- The character in this stanza are in the little back kitten , the little grey mouse , the little yellow dog and the dragon.

Q-12 Who is she ?

Ans- ‘She ‘ refers to belinfda .

Q-13 What does she call the dragon ?

Ans- She calls the dragon custard.

Q-14 Whose appearance has been described in this stanza ?

Ans- The appearance of the Custad the dragon has been described in this stanza.

Q-15 How have his head and mouth been described ?

Ans- He has spikes on his head. His mouth is like a fireplace.

Q-16 What does he have on his toes ?

Ans- He has daggers on his toes.

Q-17 Why did Belinda cry for help ?

Ans- Belinda cried for help when she saw the pirate standing with pistols in bot his hands . She realized that the pirate came with bed intentions.

Q-18 Who are Mustard and Ink ?

Ans- Mustard in the little yellow dog and Ink is the little balck kitten .

Q-19 What did they do ?

Ans- Mustard fled with terrified cry and Ink ran down to the Bottom of the house .

Q-20 Where did the mouse slip away ?

Ans- The mouse slipped away into his hole.

Q-21 How did Custard jump up ?

Ans- Custard jumped up snorting like an engine .

Q-22 Whom did he attack ?

Ans- He had Attacked the pirate who had climbed in the window .


Q-1 Belinda trickled him, she tickled him unmerciful. Why did Belind tickle Custard sevenely ?

Ans- Belinda tickled Custard so severely because this was her way of teasing and making fun of the cowardly dragon . Then they all set to laugh at his cowardice.

Q-2 What is Ballad ?

Ans- A ballad is a narrative composition in rhythmic verse suitable for singing . it usually depicts romantic, sensitive tale of courage and heroism.


Q-1 What is the theme of the poem ” The Tale of Custard – The Dragon” ?

Ans.- The main theme of the poem is entertainment. it is full of humour. The very names make you laugh. The behaviour and the boasting of the animals is all the more amusing. But suddenly, it gives the message that ‘braking dogs seldom bite’.

Those who boast of their bravery are rarely brave. All felt scared and ran away at the sight of the pirate except Custard who said he was a coward but proved to be the bravest.

Q-2 What is ballad ?

Ans- A ballad is a narrativ composition in rhythmic verse suitable for singing. It usully depicts romantic , sensitiv for singing. It usually depicts romantic, sensitive tale of courage and heroism.

Q-3 Why did Custard cry for a nice safe cage ? Why is the dragon called “cowardly dragon ” ?

Ans- He thought that the little white house in which he lived Belinda and her other animal friends was not safe so he always cried for a safe cage to live in . The dragon appeared to be a coward as he always cried for a safe cage so he was called a cowardly dragon.

Q-4 The poet has employed many poetic devices in the poem . For examle ” Clashed his tail like iron in a dungeon “-The poetic device here is a similar . Can you, with your partner, list some more such poetic devices used in the poem ?

Ans- Some more exanples of similar are as given below :

  • Mouth like a fireplace. (simile)
  • As brave a barrel full of bears. (simile)
  • A brave as a tiger , (simile)
  • Snorting like an engine.(simile)
  • Like a robin at a worm (simile )

Q-5 Read stanza three again to know how the poet describes the appearance of a dragon ?

Ans- The poet describes that the dragon has big sharp teeth. There are spikes on its top . below its body one can see scales. He has compared its mouth with a fireplace and nose with a chimmney. There are daggers on his toes. They can harm anyone. But its very coward and always longs for a safe cage.

Q-6 Can you find out the scheme of two or three stanzas of the poem ?

Ans- Rhyming scheme of stanzas 1,2 and 3 is as follows :

Stanza 1 – aa, bb

Stanza 2 – aa, bb

Stanza 3- aa, bb

Q-7 Writers use words to give us a picture or image without actually saying what they mean. Can you trace some images used in the poem ?

Ans- Some of the words showing the images are given as under :

  • big sharp teeth
  • mouth like fireplace
  • chimney for a nose, and
  • tail like iron

Q-8 Do you find ‘ The Tale of Custard the Dragon ‘ to be a serious or a light-hearted poem ? Give reasons to support your answers .

Ans- This poem “The Tale of Custard the dragon” is a light hearted one. It creates humour and entertain the reader. Side by side it gives a lot of information about the pets. It has a five rhyme scheme. If the poem is once started , it will be read to the end. It given advice to the listeners.

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