THE THIEF’S STORY Summary Of The Chapter-2 Questions Answers


It ia a story of a thief who was a boy of fifteen. The thief is the narrator of the story himself . He assumed the name hari singh.

He says though he was only fifteen, He was on experinced and fairly successful thief.

At a wrestling meets a named anil. He offers to work for anil only for food. He starts living with anil at his house. His main purpose was to rob anil.

Anil shows full trust in the boy. He gives him the key of his house. Anil knows that the boy makes money in his daily purchases. But anil does not mind it. He teaches the boy how to write.

One day anil sells a book to a publisher. He brings home a small bundle of notes. While sleeping anil tuks the money under the matters .

The boy sees all this. He steals the money and runs with it in the night. he wants to catch lucknow express which leaves at 10 : 30 in the night . He wants to catch into the carriage for same reasons unknown to us.

He realizes that Anil will she this act of betraying. The boy leaves the platfrom . But he does not know where to pass the night . He knows no other man than Anil. He starts for anil’s house.

On his way he is drenched to the skin by a heavy rain . The notes are also damp. He hurries back to Anill’s room . He opens the door. He finds Anil still asleep. He put the wet notes under the mattress of anil

Next morning the boy awakes late . Anil has already made the tea. Anil gives the boy a fifty rupee note , saying he made some money yesterday and the boy will by paid regularly .

Anil knew about the dishonest act of the boy, All the same he did not reveavl his feelings. He said to the boy, “today we’ll start writing sentences.”

The kind action of Anil changes heart of the boys.


Q-1 Who does ‘I’ refer to in this story ?

Ans- In this story ‘I’ is in the reference of narrator.

Q-2 What is he “fairly successful hand” at ?

Ans- He is ‘a fairly successful hand ‘ at stealing things

Q-3 What does he get from Anil in return for his work ?

Ans- He gets from anil in return for his work a place to sleep and food to eat .

Q-4 How does the thief thing anil will react to the theft ?

Ans The thief thinks that Anil would be sad when he would dicover the theft.

Q-5 When does he say about the difrent reaction of people when they are robbed ?

Ans- He says that a greedy man shows fear. A rich man shows anger . A poor man shows acceptence. There are differnt reaction of people when they are robbed .

Q-6 Does Anil realise that he has been robbed ?

Ans- I think Anil does realise that he had been robbed . Persons like Anil have a large heart . They do not attach importance to many. Anil reviews the situations and decided to overlook Hair singh’s theft.

Q-7 Who was Anil ? How did he treat Hair singh and how did it influence Hair’s life ?

Ans- Introduction : Anil was about 25 years old . He was tell and lean man who looked easy-going , kind and simple enough to the thief Hair Singh so as to get into his confidence .

His treatment towards Hair Singh : Anil treated Hair singh micely. The thief found it pleasant working for Anil and was quite grateful to him, He influenced Hair Singh’s life quite positive by . Hair Singh found it rather difficult to rob Anil He could not bring himself to lose Anil,s trust .

Conclusion : When hair Singh had the opportunity to run away with the money stolen from Anil , Hari Singh decided to return it back to Anil ,.

Q-8 Why did the narrator miss the train and go back to Anil’s room in “The Thiefs Story “?

Ans- Introduction : The narrator of the story is the thife Hari Singh .He stole Anil’s money and wonted to run away with the money .

Missed the train : he reached the station and dassed straight to the platform . the Lucknow Express was just moving out. discovered the theft . he would not feel the loos of money , but the lost of trust . Hari Singh repented the loss of being a really big man that Anil was preparing him for .

Q-9 Love can transhform even a thief . How is true in the case of Hari Singh ?

Ans- Love can transhform even a thief . Love consis of trust and compassion. Trust and comassion can reform a person . Hari Singh , the thief , came to live in Anils house with the sole intention of robbing him. But gradually he began to realise that Anil was one of the most trusting people he had ever met and it became diffcult for the thief to rob him.

Even when the thief had robbed him , he could not bring himself to cheat a good and respected man like Anil. He decided that he should go back to Anil because he he started to like living and working with Anil . Anil’s trusting compassionate and sincere attitude reformed the thief to such an extent that he was willing to give up stealing altogether only to remain with Anil.

Trus love can transform even a thief .

Q-10 Why did Hari Singh decided to return the stolen money ? What light does it thorw on his character ?

Ans- After stealing the money when Hari Singh reached the station , the Lucknow Express was just moving out. He should have been able to jump into one of the carriage , but he hesiatated and lost the chance to get away .

Hari Singh stood away alone on the deserted platform . He thought about Anil who he knew would feel only sadness for the lost of trust when he discover the thief. He felt the he should go back Anil only to read and wirte. He therefore dicided to return to Anil feeling very nervous.

The thief was very greatful to Anil and quite liked working for him. Since Anil was the most trusting man he had met he cold not bring himself to cheat him .

Q-11 Why, according to Hari Singh is it easierto rob a greedy man then a careless person like Anil ?

Ans- According to Hari Singh , it is easier to rob a greedy man because he can afford to be robbed but a careless person like anil not even notice that he has been robed and that takes the pleasure out of the work .

Q-12 What was Anil job ? What did he usually do with the money he earned ?

Ans- Anil made money be fits and starts. He would borrow one week and lend the next. He worth for magazines to earn his living . As soon as he got a cheque , he would go out and celebrate with friend .

Q-13 Why was it difficult for Hari Singh to rob Anil ?

Ans- It was difficult for Hari Singh to rob Anil . Anil was careless man and he didn’t even notice he had been robbed . Next Anil trusted Hari Singh who did not want to lose his trust .

Q-14 How did Hari Singh get a job at Anil’s house ?

Ans- Hari Singh began to work at Anil’s house only for food with the intention to robe him at last.

Q-15 Who is the narrator of the story ‘ The Thief’s Story’ ? Why did he change his name every month?

Ans- The narrator of the story is Hari Singh , the thief himself . He changed his name every month in older to escape police an his former employers.

Q-16 What does Hari Singh the first night tasty ? What was its result ?

Ans- The food cooked by Hari Singh the first night was terrible. Anil gave it to a stary dog and asked Hari Singh to be off .

Q-17 What does Hari Singh say about the different reactions of people when they are robbed ?

Ans- The greedy man shows fear; the rich man shows anger, the poor man shows acceptance and the careless does not even notice it when they are robbed.

Q-18 Do you think people like Anil and Hari Singh are found only in fiction, or are there such people in real life ?

Ans- I think people like Anil and Hari Singh are found in real life also. But their number is very small.

Q-19 Do you think it a significant detail in the story that Anil is a struggling wright ? Does this explain his behaviour in any way ?

Ans- It is a singificant detail in the story that Anil is a sturggling wright . His getting little money from time to time shows this . than he has a kind heart as mostly the writhes have, when they get money , they became liberal and spend it lavishly. They infact , the game of humanity.

Q-20 Have you met anyone like Hari Singh ? Can you think and imagine the circumstances that can turn a fifteen year old boy into a thief ?

Ans- Yes, I have met boy like Hari Singh. I think the circmstances make one a thief . for example , if ones family has sources of livelihood and family is normal , a boy or a child in it can’t be thief But if the family is poor, there is no food to eat regulary.

There no source of income to fulfil the needs of the family , the children shall surely be thieves one day. Food and its lack makes a human being a thief.

Q-21 where is the story set ? Which language or languages are sporken in these places ? Do you think the characters in the story spoke to each other in English ?

Ans The story is set in Delhi. This sity is the capital of India. The clues are ; The ‘ Jamuna sweet shop ‘ railway station. Hindi, English and other India languges are spoken in it. Other Indian languages are mostly spoken by the characters in the story spoke to each other in English However, they might have used some English words like ‘time’ ,’train’ ‘clock tower’. These words are now parts of Hindi laguage as well .

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