Unseen Passage CLASS 10th ENGLISH With Questions And Answers

Unseen Passage CLASS 10th
Unseen Passage CLASS 10th

Passage 1

  The sure way of making and keeping friends is to be a good listener.  Take great care to listen to a person with interest. Also make sure that when you speak yourself, you say only as much as is needed to open up some fresh topic for the other person to start conversation. People don’t like to be interrupted by others while speaking. They wish to  put their views forward. So one is delighted with the  company of some one who is content to listen attentively. Most of the friendships begin by little acts of kindness, sympathy and understanding to lonely folk. Sincerity is the and understanding to lonely folk. Sincerity is the keynote for friendship, for sincerity includes loyalty, sympathy and trust. A common interest will draw you very close to some friends. 

  • On the basis of your reading the above passage’answer the following questions:

(1) How can we make good friends?

(2) What is the right time of conversation?

(3) What is the keynote of friendship?

(4) How can you come close to someone?

(5) pic out from the passage word similar in meaning to ‘carefully’.


(1) We ca make good friends by becoming a good listener.

(2) The right time of conversation is when someone is content to listen attentively.

(3) Sincerity is the keynote of friendship.

(4) We can come close to someone if we have a common interest.

(5) The word ‘attentively’ means ‘carefully’.

passage 2

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